In From the Cold season 1 – who is Becca Franklin?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 28, 2022
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Who is Becca Franklin in In From the Cold season 1 - netflix series

This article, ”Who is Becca Franklin,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s In From the Cold season 1.

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Who is Becca Franklin in In From the Cold season 1?

Becca Franklin is the daughter of Jenny Franklin and her soon-to-be ex-husband. Although after learning that Jenny slept with someone else, there has been increased tension between Becca and Jenny. 

Unaware of her mother’s Russian spy past, she remains oblivious to what Jenny is really up to. Although there appears to be a dark side to Becca, it could be put down to Svetlana’s mind control, as it is not clear exactly when Svetlana first met Becca. Svetlana also hints in the final episode that Becca has resentful feelings towards Jenny.

Becca is also vulnerable to people’s true intentions, such as when she allows Cramo and Svetlana to have close contact with her, despite the danger that they impose.

What does Becca Franklin do? (spoiler)

Becca arrives in Madrid with her mother as she prepares to take part in an upcoming figure skating competition. Whilst there’s growing tension between the pair, Becca grows concerned (and annoyed) with Jenny as to what Becca views as being a midlife crisis. After moving into a hotel room with Maddie, she finds a dead bird and makes a necklace for her with its feathers. 

Afterward, she puts the skeleton of the dead bird in her enemy’s (Claire) soup. Although it seems to impress Maddie, when Claire breaks her ankle in an accident, and Maddie suspects Becca of being the one responsible, Maddie tells Becca to move back into the hotel room she shares with Jenny.  

After a violent argument with Jenny, Becca appears to “act out” and shoplifts. Although, after doing so, she gets spotted by Carmo. He soon flirts with her and starts to become close with her. At the same time, Svetlana, who owns the ice arena, starts to make small talk with Becca.

When Becca goes missing, it soon becomes apparent that Becca is under Svetlana’s mind control. With Svetlana in control, Becca wins bronze at the figure skating competition before nearly killing The Senator with his skates. In her trance, and with a clear goal of killing The Senator, Becca is only stopped after Jenny shoots near her ear. As a result, it removes Becca from Svetlana’s mind control.

A month afterward, and although she doesn’t have a clear memory of the events, she puts it down to the effects of the divorce. As Becca and Jenny promise to have no more secrets, it seems that the pair are emotionally stronger than how they are at the beginning of In From the Cold. 

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