In From the Cold season 1 – who is Chauncey?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 28, 2022
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Who is Chauncey in In From the Cold season 1- Netflix series

This article, ”who is Chauncey,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s In From the Cold season 1.

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Who is Chauncey in In From the Cold season 1?

Chauncey is a former CIA agent who was disavowed. Prior to being removed from the agency, Chauncey was engaged to a fellow CIA agent called Rose. But during an investigation into “Gideon”, Chauncey was forced in shooting, likely killing, Rose when she became under the influence of mind control and came close to detonating a bomb. 

After being removed from the CIA, and using his own personal fund, Chauncey embarks on a personal mission to uncover “Gideon” and prove Rose’s innocence. 

What does Chauncey do? (spoilers)

Chauncey corners Jenny Franklin, and after forcing her into revealing that she is a former Russian agent, he blackmails her into tracking down Gideon. He proves to be quite ruthless with Jenny. An example is when he purposely traps her in a male prison to force her into body morphing. He also plants optical cameras in Jenny’s eyes, against her knowledge, so that he can track her every move. However, there are times when he seems to care for Jenny, such as when he rushes to maintain her cover where she faces danger from Felipe in episode 4.

Although no longer working for the CIA, a fact he keeps from Jenny, he still uses his contacts gained from his time there, an action that gets used against him when Chief Inspector Ohana tries to arrest him. Although, he manages to convince her that he is working on a covert operation.

After nearly being killed by a member of the Jackals, Carmo, Chauncey, and Chris are arrested by Chief Inspector Ohana. He refuses to make a plea deal, but following help from Chris, he manages to escape. Once free, he continues to work with Jenny. This time, to ensure no harm is taken to the Prime Minister, The Senator and Becca. He is successful in every way, especially with the Prime Minister, where he personally talks Diego down from killing him. 

As In From the Cold season 1 comes to a close, Chauncey has cleared Rose’s name, uncovered “Gideon” and has found himself reinstated with the CIA. Not only that, but he is now in a relationship with Jenny! Quite the turnaround!

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