Story Recap – what happened in In From the Cold season 1?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: January 28, 2022 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Story Recap – what happened in Netflix In From the Cold season 1

This is a story recap of Netflix’s In From the Cold season 1 and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

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In From the Cold involves former Russian agent Jenny Franklin after she is blackmailed into helping CIA agent Chauncey investigate the possibility of mind control.

Story Recap – what happened in Netflix’s In From the Cold season 1?

Episodes 1-2

After a series of unexplained but violent attacks that could suggest the use of mind control, Jenny (Margarita Levieva), who is with her daughter Becca (Lydia Fleming) for Becca’s upcoming figure skating competition, gets “arrested” by CIA agent Chauncey (Cillian O’Sullivan). He correctly assumes that Jenny is a former Russian agent called Anya Petrova.

With the threat of life in prison, Jenny gets forced into helping Chauncey and his tech support/hacker Chris Clark (Charles Brice) to investigate the recent attacks in Madrid. Before long, the trio discovers a link to Austrian gunrunner Yannick Mair (Michael John Treanor). Chauncey tricks Jenny into becoming trapped in a male prison. With a threat to her life, and possibly more, Jenny has no choice but to reveal one of her secret abilities, and her body morphs.

With her secret out in the open, Jenny gets revealed to have been the only person who survived the Yaroslav Program; a bio-weapons program under the KGB. Although Yannick dies at the prison, it does allow the team to uncover the probable next target: Lidia. As she is due to be married the next day, Jenny and Chauncey attend the wedding. But Lidia is shown to be under mind control, and although the wedding can’t be saved, Jenny attempts to save Lidia. She finds her at a cemetery. Lidia is frightened and confused, and she threatens to shoot Jenny.

Episodes 3-4

The Jackals, a group of assassins that include Carmo and Gaia, attack Jenny and Lidia. Lidia gets kidnapped whilst Jenny uses another one of her abilities, camo-mode, to hide in plain sight. Meanwhile, Chauncey gets revealed to have been disavowed from the CIA after a past mission went terribly wrong.

A link to Puoco Franco directs Jenny, Chauncey and Chris to Felipe (José Luis García Pérez). As she works undercover and visits a nightclub, Jenny learns that Felipe has involvement with the Jackals. As she uses her ability to camouflage, Felipe murders Lidia and his nephew Ramon. Whilst Felipe becomes suspicious of Jenny, Chauncey and Chris manage to fake a hotel room and therefore enable Jenny to maintain her cover.

As it’s discovered that Felipe is brainwashing young men into believing that the current Prime Minister is destroying Spain, Chief Inspector Ohana nearly arrests Chauncey until he convinces her that he is working a covert operation. A dark side within Becca is hinted at during the championship, as she possibly causes an accident that causes Claire to break her ankle.

Meanwhile, whilst she struggles to maintain her morph, Jenny is attacked by one of the Jackals. But during the attack, she loses contact with Chauncey.

Episodes 5-6

Although Jenny kills the Jackal, she gets questioned by Chief Inspector Ohana. Chief Inspector Ohana suggests that they work together to bring down Chauncey. Does Jenny do it? Hell no. She morphs into Chief Inspector Ohana and escapes custody.

After which, Jenny learns the truth about Chauncey. He explains that he believes that his fiance, a fellow CIA agent called Rose, had come close to a silent partner called Gideon. Except, when Chauncey came to aid her, she appeared to be under some form of mind control, and he had to shoot her before she detonated a bomb.

Whilst continuing to work undercover, Jenny reunites with Damian (Oleg Kricunova). A person from her past, their time together is cut short when one of Felipe’s guards, Tomas (Mat Cruz), spots them together. As a result, Jenny has no choice but to kill Tomas. Unbeknown to Jenny, Gideon, the one responsible for mind control, is revealed to be Svetlana (Alyona Khmelnitskaya), the woman who was a mentor for a younger Jenny/Anya (Stasya Miloslavskaya) in Russia.

Svetlana takes control of Damian’s mind and attempts to use it as an opportunity to kill Jenny. As a result, Jenny has no choice but to kill Damian. Afterward, Jenny morphs into Damian with the hope of meeting Gideon/Svetlana. But, as she struggles to maintain her morph, Jenny has to flee before she has the chance to do so.

As Svetlana worms her way into Becca’s life, as does Carmo (a member of the Jackals). But when Chauncey learns about Carmo, it leads to a standoff between Jenny and Carmo; before he leaps to his death as he says “ptichka”. With the knowledge that Svetlana is somehow involved, Jenny goes off the grid as she tries to find Becca.

Episodes 7-8

Chauncey and Chris find themselves in the custody of the CIA, with Chris making a plea deal to save his own skin. (Although he does help Chauncey escape custody). Meanwhile, Felipe’s nephew, Diego, poses as a police officer with the intention to kill the Prime Minister. Although, Chauncey arrives just in time to prevent Diego from going ahead with the mission. Desperate to find Becca, Jenny kills Felipe before she fights to the death with Gaia.

After killing Gaia, Jenny tries but fails to fake her death to Svetlana, who gets revealed to be her mother. Svetlana uses mind control on Becca to seemingly attempt to murder The Senator. Although Jenny and Chauncey stop it from going forward, they learn that it was all a ploy. Instead, Svetlana has used the opportunity to hijack The Senator’s mind in a bid to start World War 3. As Svetlana is about to board a helicopter, Jenny shoots her in the head.

One Month Later. With the crisis diverted, Jenny and Chauncey are now in a relationship. But one night, Jenny smashes into a concrete floor and digs out a box. After she retrieves a phone, she speaks in Russian; “Agent Anya Petrova, everything is fine. It worked”.

And that’s a story recap — that’s what happened in Netflix’s In From the Cold season 1. What are your thoughts on the story? Comment below.

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