Raising Dion season 2 – how is Pat still alive and is he evil still?

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 1, 2022
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How is Pat still alive in Raising Dion season 2 - netflix series

This article, ”how is Pat still alive and is he evil still,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Raising Dion season 2. 

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Let’s all admit. When we watched the Raising Dion season 1 finale, we all believed Pat was gone for good. With the Crooked Man temporarily defeated, how could Pat be anything but dead?

At the start of season 2, we are surprised to see Pat return. He’s weak and different. It’s a plot twist that was unexpected but also welcomed. Pat was a great character in season 1, and the fact he turned out to be the villain added depth to the story. The return of Pat resembles the old superhero trope that no one is ever really dead.

How is Pat still alive in Raising Dion season 2?

Pat spends quite a portion of an episode explaining how he survived at the end of season 1. After Dion defeated the Crooked Man, Pat went into hiding.

He describes how painful it was when the Crooked Man was ripped apart. He was also ripped apart too. His entire being was separated from the energy, and he almost became human again. With his body destroyed, Pat’s human form slowly came back together, and his strength returned.

We can only assume that because Pat still had some energy inside of him, he survived. Without anything remaining, he’d surely die.

Is he still evil?

For most of season 2, Pat argues that because he doesn’t have Crooked Energy anymore, all the resentment and bad feelings inside him have gone. He wants to do good and offers to help out Nicole, Suzanne, and BIONA to bring down the Crooked Energy that is returning. He believes his knowledge in science can bring good use. Despite all this, Suzanne and Nicole want to keep Pat locked up.

However, at the end of season 2, Pat tests Powered DNA strands on himself, and when he recovers, his powers have returned, and he becomes evil again. To the horror of Suzanne, Pat escapes BIONA, and he reunites with Crooked Energy.

In the post-credits scene, Pat has his own army, and he’s taking on an older Dion.

Pat had the chance to be good again, but he was always destined to be evil, it seems.

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