Partner Track season 1 – does Ingrid become a partner at the law firm?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: August 26, 2022
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This article, “does Ingrid become a partner at the law firm,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Partner Track season 1. 

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It becomes very clear in the first episode that Ingrid is desperate to make it as a partner at Parsons Valentine. With a strong drive and an eager ambition to prove her peers wrong, it seems that success is in Ingrid’s veins. But with racism, sexism, and, let’s face it, wan*ers at nearly every corner in Partner Track, will it prove to be too difficult for Ingrid to succeed?

The series is based on the book The Partner Track by former lawyer Helen Wan. With that in mind, rather than provide viewers with a rosey happy ever after for Ingrid, will the show be more reflective of what happens in the real world?

Partner Track season 1 – does Ingrid become a partner at the law firm?

Sadly, Ingrid does not become a partner at Parsons Valentine. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter. In fact, it appears by the end of the series that the lack of promotion has worked well for Ingrid. But, moving things back slightly, before she fails to make partner, Ingrid works her ass off. 

It’s very obvious to her, and those around her, that she works far more than those also in the running for partner. When Ingrid’s friend, Tyler, becomes a problem for Parsons Valentine, her boss, Ted, wants Ingrid to sort it. Her attempt to put the business first nearly destroys her friendship with Tyler and Rachel. But, it doesn’t go unnoticed by Ted, who unofficially promises her role as partner. 

When it comes to the partner announcement, co-workers are even congratulating Ingrid before the announcement has been made. Yet, when it comes to it, Ingrid doesn’t cut it. Instead, Jeff, Dan, and Hunter (three white males) are selected as the partners. It devastates Ingrid, and she quits her role with the company. Whilst that may seem like Ingrid’s loss, she soon turns it around. She soon makes up with Tyler and Rachel, and they work together to successfully have Ted demoted following a vote of no confidence against him.

But is Ted the true villain in Ingrid’s story? As she learns in the closing moments, one of the main factors as to why she failed partner was because of Jeff. After she was falsely arrested, it seems that her lover used the information against her to ensure he would make partner himself. Ooo, the drama.

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