Murderville season 1, episode 3 recap – CEO billionaire gets murdered

By Jordan Lyon
Published: February 3, 2022
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Netflix Murderville season 1, episode 3 - Most Likely to Commit Murder


An enjoyable episode. As it follows the format of the previous two episodes, it’s straightforward to follow. And, in turn, could make a winning formula.

This recap of Netflix’s Murderville season 1, episode 3, “Most Likely to Commit Murder” contains spoilers.

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Murderville season 1, episode 3 recap

To avoid his high school reunion, Terry works the night shift, whilst Rhonda heads onto a date. That is, however, after she introduces Terry to his next partner, Kumail Nanjiani. And then comes the announcement of a murder! The victim is Seth Gourley, a tech billionaire and CEO of the website “Faceplace”. Guess what? He died at Terry’s high school reunion. It looks like Terry will be going to the reunion after all. 

With the reunion in full swing, Amber reveals that the cause of death is a vintage America Logged On CD-ROM buried in Seth’s carotid artery. The killer had flung it at high velocity, which may be key towards solving the crime (maybe). Not only that but Seth’s hands and feet are tied up (excellently nonetheless), and there’s a note in Seth’s mouth that reads “see you in hell”. 

Time for the first suspect! Seth’s childhood friend and former business partner Kevin Rivera. The pair fell out after Seth got rich from “Faceplace”. Kevin reveals that Seth stole his “idea” to start a business, and whilst he did have a violent rage because of it, he now develops apps. He shows his mediation app, ShushHead, to Terry and Kumail. But when they criticize it, Kevin throws several discs at them.

Second suspect! This time, Kumail poses as a former classmate Cornelius Weinerbottom with a cool walk to speak to Brad Torker. Brad says that his destiny was to play for Canada. But when he paid Seth to take his SATs, Seth was a no-show, and as a result, he ended up with a -40. Because of that fact, Brad is a former ultimate frisbee thrower who drinks on his rowboat. 

When it comes to interviewing the third suspect, it’s Lisa Capobianco. Aka: the girl with whom Terry had an unspeakable bond. Lisa, however, only remembers him as “Terry Fartner” as he farted and cra**ed his pants. She reveals to Terry and Kumail that she dated Seth when she was a journalist. But Faceplace ruined her career, and now, she gets paid to write negative comments on YouTube. 

The ending

It’s time to finally decide! Kumail believes that Brad is Seth’s killer. He reveals to Rhonda (who has been on a date with Daz) that Brad had a motive, he is a football player with a good throw and has a boat. So he will be good at tying knots. Kumail is 100% correct! Rhonda adds that it couldn’t be Kevin as his carpal tunnel has left him unable to throw with velocity and that Lisa wrote in cursive, not in capital letters like Brad. 

At the end of the third episode of Murderville, Terry asks Lisa to go on a date. Yet, she turns him down, and after he watches Rhonda and Daz leave together, Terry collapses and farts. 

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