Murderville season 1, episode 4 recap – Annie Murphy steals the show

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: February 3, 2022
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Netflix Murderville season 1, episode 4 - Murder by Soup


The fourth episode of Murderville features the best guest star yet (Annie Murphy). But the story gets muddled, and it’s hard to become fully invested in the murder mystery. This could have been a great episode if a better story was in place. 

This recap of Netflix’s Murderville season 1, episode 4, “Murder by Soup” contains spoilers.

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Murderville season 1, episode 4 recap

In the fourth episode of Murderville, Rhonda brings in Terry’s new partner, award-winning actress Annie Murphy. And after Annie learns that Terry sleeps in his office, Rhonda reveals that there has been a murder! This time, the victim is chief health inspector Alistair Hall who died at city hall after digesting poisoned soup. The soup, which he ordered from “city soups”, has poison in it that could only have been retrieved from a golden poison frog in Colombia.

After Terry and Annie check Alistair’s phone, they find a threatening text from the chef of Chez Nanette, Nanette DuBois. Suspect 1! As Alistair shut Nanette’s restaurant down, she finds it a very joyful day now that he is dead. And whilst Annie struggles to successfully ask Nanette any questions, Nanette does reveal that she has been to South America. 

Terry and Annie next visit the second suspect: kindergarten teacher Ms. Anya Campbell. During circle time, Anya reveals to Terry and Annie that during a bake sale to raise money for class supplies, Alistair shut it down. As a result, everything from the bake sale had to be thrown away with a hefty fine of $5,000. Towards the end of the questioning, Anya’s travel board reveals that she has been to two countries in South America. 

To meet the final suspect, Annie goes undercover as “Johnny Mapleco*k” to visit mobster Vinny “the fork” Palmieri. Vinny states that when he brought Alistair in for a sit-down, Alistair could not be reasoned with. But before Annie can get any answers, Terry blows their cover, and both Terry and Annie are locked in a freezer. On the flip side, it doesn’t take long for them to escape, and they lure the three suspects to Chez Nanette.

The ending

And once again, it’s time to pick the killer! Annie chooses Miss Anya. Her reasons for doing so? The map in her classroom showed that Miss Anya had visited South America twice, has a strong whistle, and the letters that rated the restaurant were ordered in alphabetic order. Rhonda tells Annie that she has missed clues, made some up, and her reasons border to the style of a conspiracy theory. But, saying that, Annie is 100% correct with her killer prediction! In the classroom, there was also paper bags, the travel board proved that Ms. Anya had been to Colombia, and a “killer animals” book that signaled Ms. Anya was the murderer. Whilst Nanette hates whistling, Vinny could not travel to South America as the feds took his passport. Two reasons that prove that they could not have killed Alistair!

Another episode and another murder solved!

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