Through My Window review – a cliché romantic movie with exhausting eroticism

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: February 5, 2022 (Last updated: March 12, 2024)
Netflix film Through My Window


A romantic drama film between a boy and girl from two different classes has nothing to offer other than some hot scenes.

This review of the Netflix film Through My Window does not contain spoilers. 

Love is an integral part of our life. It makes our life colorful, makes us believe in ourselves, makes us live. It is the month of February, the month of love. So, it is the perfect time to release romantic movies this time of the year. Though I am not quite romantic myself and have reservations over the romantic genre, I suffer myself to be alone oftentimes. As The Beatles song signifies, ‘All You Need is Love’, everyone tries to encounter love in some sort of way. Recently, I have been feeling quite lonely myself. So, when I come to know about Netflix’s Spanish romantic film Through My Window, I grab it to watch to have some kind of escapism. But believe me, after 1 hour and 53 minutes of runtime, it offers me nothing but exhaustion.

Based on the novel of the same name, the film revolves around Raquel, a young adult, who is obsessed with her handsome high-class neighbor, Ares. Ares is the son of a multi-millionaire, who is one of the biggest tycoons in the country, whereas Raquel has a simple working-class upbringing. She is so obsessed with Ares that she collects every type of information about him, gathers every photo of him, and also writes about her daydreams around him in her daily journal. Soon, this obsession turns into something more as they are both involved in a complicated relationship, which both torments and cares for each other.

Talking about the plot, it is just too cliched. As an Indian, I have seen a lot of these high-class boys fall in love with middle-class or working-class girl movies. But it seems interesting to me at first to cherish these romantic perks with some erotic scenes. But as it forwards and the same thing goes on and on, I just burnt out. Actually, there is nothing to offer to the audience with the plot. People party, have sex, drink their wine, heartbreaks, and reconcile: this goes on on a loop. Except for some hot scenes and sweet moments between the two leads Clara Galle and Julio Pena, the film is a mess.

The actors also have nothing to offer rather than do the things I have mentioned above. The chemistry between Galle and Pena though have something to relate to but the screenplay does not have any buildup on that.

With hundreds of cinemas has been passed, it is okay to tell the same story again. But with age, the way of telling of a story should change. On that point, Thorough My Window completely fails to offer us something new. And even as it serves the old wine, it tastes sour with its overuse of erotica and lack of motivation on that.

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