Upload season 2 – will Nathan and Nora finally get back together?

March 11, 2022
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This article,” will Nathan and Nora finally get back together,” contains spoilers regarding Amazon’s Upload season 2.

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During the first season of Amazon’s most-watched comedy, Upload, Nathan (Code 8’s Robbie Amell) and Nora (Chicago Fire’s Andy Allo) developed strong feelings for each other. But like most relationships that start as friendships, they both are with other people. (Yes, one is a digital avatar, and the other is alive). After connecting, Nora is with her regular booty-call Byron when they talk about their lives. Well, only he connects. And Nathan is still with Ingrid (Briarpatch‘s Allegra Edwards). However, when the season ended, Nora was off in the Poconos with Byron to jump off the grid with the LUDDS. Why? Because she didn’t get the return “I love you” back because Nathan was powered down in 2gig.

At the beginning of this season, Nathan feels obligated to Ingrid because she uploaded for him. Nora begins her relationship with LUDDS member Matteo (Royal Pains’ Paulo Costanzo). To make matters worse, when Nora checks in on him, she sees Nathan in the middle of a passionate embrace with Ingrid. As the season progresses and Nora returns to Horizon as a LUDDS spy, they begin to protect Lake View’s residents while investigating Nathan’s murder. Eventually, they come together to admit their feelings to each other finally.

But how?

Upload season 2 – will Nathan and Nora finally get back together?

That’s because, during the accurately titled season finale, “Download,” Nathan is back in his body. Nathan breaks up with Ingrid because she eventually admits that she never uploaded. Oh, and this nugget. She stored his body at a Freeyon facility, where she used stem cells to grow a refurbished head. You would think Nathan would be furious about this, but he is more relieved. He is free, he thinks. He now tells Ingrid that he owes her nothing and can be with Nora.

There is only one problem. Nathan is still digitized. He now knows he has a body waiting for him, but they want to download it to take down Freeyon and Mr. Choak. But, the bonus is if he survives the download back to his body, he can spend a small amount of time with Nora. She even holds his hand when it happens and looks into her eyes when the process is complete. When they head back in the hyper-loop together, they take the honeymoon suite and spend the night together as they finally consummate their relationship.

However, the honeymoon period ends, as does the season when Nathan wakes up to throw water on his face. His nose is bleeding. Unless Nora elbowed or kicked him in the face after a long night of shaking the sheets, his head is going to explode sooner rather than later.

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