Furioza ending explained – once a hooligan, always a hooligan

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 8, 2022
Netflix film Furioza ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Furioza which will contain spoilers.

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Furioza deals with the story of a young doctor, Dawid, who is approached by his ex-girlfriend Savage to work as a mole for the police to save his brother from going to prison. His brother is a football hooligan, allegedly having connections with illegal drug trafficking. Savage asks Dawid to infiltrate his brother’s hooligan organization ‘Furioza’ to bring information about this illegal drug business. As Dawid grew up in the same hoodlum and has a history of being a hooligan, he is perfect for the job.

Though initially reluctant, Dawid accepts the job. It is not said whether he agrees with the position of responsibility in saving his brother from the police or he is just too fed up with his routine life as a doctor and wants to go to the world of chaos. In my opinion, Dawid wants to do things right that he could not do in his past life as a hooligan.

Initially, he is bullied by the other members of ‘Furioza’ as his earlier reputation of being a deserter in a street fight, and he also seems pretty weak to them. Soon, he gains the trust of the members, including his brother. But soon, his world is going to move upside down.

We know that Golden, a loyal ally of Kashubian, Dawid’s brother, is involved with Polanski, the local drug lord. Kashubian raises his objection to Golden and tells Polanski that his people will not work for him anymore. Soon, Kashubian is murdered, resembling the style of Antman, another hooligan who shared a rivalry with Kashubian for a long time.

Netflix film Furioza ending explained

Furious, Golden kills Polanski in rage and takes over his business. He makes some good money in it and lives a lavish lifestyle. But soon, the police find the footage of Golden killing Kashubian. They take Golden into custody and make a deal with him that he will give police the information about the drug smuggling via the port. Golden accepts and spews all the info.

Disgusted by this, Savage takes the clip to Dawid and the other members of ‘Furioza’. In a rage, Dawid confronts Golden and beats him badly. When he is on his last breaths, the other ‘Furioza’ members chop off Golden with their machetes and wait for the police to take them into custody while Savage takes Dawid away.

Also, in the port, while the police think about a bust of Antman, he slips off from the place. Though the police recover the drugs, police chef Bauer is disappointed not to capture Dawid and Antman. He realizes that Savage sold him out and asks her to submit her badge and gun.

Now, away from the chaos, Dawid spends his life with his family (his sister-in-law, niece, and Savage). He seems happy for the first time in the entire film. But this happiness does not go far as in the last shot, a hooligan from a rival organization whom Dawid once sabotaged earlier stabs him brutally. It indicates that he can’t be away from this violence and chaos no matter what. Like Bauer says, ‘Once a hooligan, always a hooligan.’

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