Night Sky season 1 – who is Byron?

By Adam Lock
Published: May 20, 2022
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Who is Byron in Night Sky season 1 - amazon prime series

This article, “who is Byron” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon Prime Video series Night Sky season 1.

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Throughout my coverage of Night Sky I have consistently referred to Byron as ‘the nosey neighbor’, and there is no denying that he is the nosiest of neighbors. The man hides in the bushes at night, watching Franklin and Irene wander back and forth from their garden shed. He is fascinated by the old couple, desperate to unlock the mysteries that lie within that wooden shack. As the series progresses, the writers reveal more of Byron’s character and backstory, as he quickly becomes a fan favorite.

Who is Byron in Night Sky season 1?

Played by Adam Bartley, Byron is a righteous everyman, new to the town of Farnsworth. He tries to spark a friendship with his neighbor, the grouchy Franklin, but can’t seem to make any headway. Franklin is instantly angered by the busybody, who seems to always be there, manically smiling and waving at the poor old man. Byron’s infectious positivity and pushy persona really rub Franklin up the wrong way, yet eventually they do strike a friendship and become the best of friends by the finale.

Byron’s main subplot in the earlier episodes involves his campaign to run for town council. He uses his cocky, larger than life personality to gain signatures and later even creates some banners to post around town. His campaign is cut short though, via an anonymous tip-off, when someone claims he has forged signatures. Byron did in fact forge Franklin’s signature, but still feels betrayed. He wrongly blames Franklin for the fraudulent claims and marches over to their shed, carelessly breaking in. Here he discovers the alien doorway, which captivates the neighbor further.

In the penultimate episode, Byron’s past is laid bare. He was an engineer, who blew the whistle on the company he worked for when they were indulging in illegal activities. The company sacked Byron, but gave him a rather generous settlement. This explains why he’s unemployed, yet happily splashes the cash at every perceivable opportunity. Later, it is revealed that it was his own wife who made the anonymous tip-off, which subsequently derailed his campaign. She describes how humiliating the scandal was for her the last time and how they had to leave their lives behind, starting afresh in Farnsworth. Jeanine didn’t want the same issues to resurface in their new abode.

Possibly as a result of his previous employment, Byron feels like he has something to prove to himself and everyone in his life. He sees himself as an outcast, a big mouth who talks a big game, but never actually succeeds. The alien portal and his expedition out into the unknown work as Byron’s greatest opportunity yet to become the respected man he believes he can be. Byron uses this chance to better himself and become a hero. It’s a touching sentiment, the underdog proving themselves and committing wholly to a brave and dangerous cause. Byron more than justifies these claims and ends the show as a courageous, likeable rogue. Hopefully he will discover, like Irene does, that the alien air is breathable and won’t suffocate on the alien planet. We want Byron to live and thrive after all!

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