Chloe season 1, episode 4 recap – “However Rotten”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 24, 2022
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As Becky/Sasha uncovers more details about Chloe’s death, more questions arise than answers. The tension remains high, and despite not having vast levels of story development, Chloe is hard not to watch.

This recap of the Amazon original series Chloe season 1, episode 4, “However Rotten,” contains spoilers.

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Chloe season 1, episode 4 recap

It’s an emotional time for Becky as she packs all her mum’s belongings and prepares to move out. After Becky bumps into Chrissie, who visits Pam at the care home, Becky requests that Chrissie is prohibited from seeing her mum anymore. Afterward, Becky goes to Elliot, who she will be staying with until she finds a new place. When Becky is with Livia, Becky learns that her banking account is over her borrowing amount. And so, she pushes Livia to pay her invoice.

However, when Livia leaves, Becky sneaks onto Livia’s laptop and ponders whether to enter a folder entitled “Chloe”. Josh continues to be “a problem” for Becky as he learns that Becky is back with Elliot. Becky tells Elliot that Livia is holding back on paying her, so Elliot agrees to pay her. They start to make out, only stopping when Becky closes the curtains. An action that reminds Elliot of the fact that Chloe always wanted the curtains opened.

After Elliot’s mother, Twiggy, doesn’t react nicely to Becky’s presence at his home, it proves too much for Becky. But after a nice chat with Elliot, it seems fears are put to rest. With an art exhibition on the agenda, Becky and Elliot plan to tell Livia that they are living together. During the exhibition, in which there is a “Chloe” room, Twiggy throws subtle shade as she tells Becky that she loves to have known what Chloe would have thought of Becky. And shortly afterward, Becky tells Livia that she and Elliot are “seeing each other again”.

It appears that Livia doesn’t react well to the news, and she practically ignores Becky. And as Elliot and Livia admire the paintings, they discuss the “Becky Green” that Chloe called before she died. Oh s**t. Hearing the conversation, both Becky and Josh don’t know how to react. Seeking a way out, Becky tells Elliot that she is going out for some air. Then, after picturing herself being recognized as Becky Green, she goes outside and gets into her car.

The ending

Once Becky returns to the exhibition, she speaks with Phil about Chloe’s suicide. But, in fact, learns that Livia has left the event with a man. So, Becky tracks down a hotel where Chloe was before she seemingly committed suicide. She finds a way to watch CCTV footage of Chloe, and now it appears that Chloe was running away from something before she died. And that she also left her coat and bag before leaving. Becky steals Chloe’s belongings as she leaves the hotel and finds a large amount of cash inside.

Elliot calls Becky with worry and asks her not to leave again. As the episode comes to a close, Becky searches through Chloe’s belongings and finds a key numbered 28. And this time, when Chloe calls Becky on the night of her death, she warns Becky that “they are coming”.

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