Chloe season 1, episode 5 recap – “Grimy Friend”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 24, 2022
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Even with just one episode left, it’s not clear how Chloe will end. Did Chloe commit suicide, or did something much more horrifying occur? Answers are beginning to unravel, and it looks like Becky will find out the truth once and for all in the next episode. 

This recap of the Amazon original series Chloe season 1, episode 5, “Grimy Friend,” contains spoilers.

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Chloe season 1, episode 5 recap

Becky reflects on the night before and double-checks that she has the key she found among Chloe’s possessions. When she inspects Livia’s work Instagram account, she sees that there is a photo of her where there is a comment on something speculating that her real name is Becky. Becky quickly deletes the image and reminds Livia not to upload photos of her because of her “stalker.” 

Becky’s search for the truth about Chloe leads her to The Orange Juice Club. There she “bumps” into Tara and attempts to gain more details on Chloe. However, it seems that her efforts prove futile. Becky goes to a swimming pool and tries one of the lockers with a key; however, it doesn’t work. Elliot wonders where Becky is, and she claims that she went for a swim. 

Eventually, Becky visits Richard at the rehab, and after accusing him of blackmailing Chloe, she admits to knowing Chloe. But rather than tell the truth, Becky claims she met Chloe at the swimming pool. Richard then admits that he would hang out with Chloe. Although he claims that while he wanted to have sex with Chloe, they never did. 

After arriving late to dinner with Elliot, Becky claims there was an accident on the motorway. But Elliot already knows that there wasn’t an accident and questions whether she is committed to the relationship. During dinner, Anish suggests that it would be best for Becky and Elliot to keep their relationship under wraps, at least for now. But then Anish claims it would be best if they did due diligence on her to keep on top of things.

The ending

Eventually, Becky tracks down a caravan park and learns that the key numbered 28 opens a caravan. Inside the caravan is a bank statement that shows Chloe had withdrawn £5,000 before her death. So was Chloe planning to do a runner? The next morning, Becky realizes she is locked inside Elliot’s house. Not able to reach Elliot on the phone nor climb out of any window, Becky is stuck there until Elliot arrives back home. But when Elliot returns, he finds Becky’s key in a bowl. Although, that seems very strange to Becky as she had already checked there. 

During the night, Becky takes Chloe’s mobile and listens to her voicemail, mostly from Elliot. From her findings, which include a second copy of Chloe’s ID, remembering Josh’s previous warning of “it’s always the husband”, and placing it together that Chloe didn’t want to have IVF, it seems that Becky begins to wonder whether Elliot pushed Chloe to suicide. At that very moment, Elliot wakes up. But Becky is able to brush him off with the excuse that she wasn’t able to sleep. The fifth episode of Chloe ends with Becky feeling scared.

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