Chloe season 1, episode 3 recap – “The Holy Trinity”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 24, 2022
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There are many questions in Chloe and few answers so far. And that will be precisely why audiences will binge straight into the show.

This recap of the Amazon original series Chloe season 1, episode 3, “The Holy Trinity,” contains spoilers.

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Chloe season 1, episode 3 recap

After waking up from a dream of Chloe berating her for not answering the phone, Becky searches through more of Chloe’s belongings and seemingly discovers that Chloe was having sex with Richard. So, naturally, Chloe begins to stalk Richard on his social media accounts. The following morning, when she asks if Elliot is okay, he says he is and that he is happy with her. They are nearly caught out when Richard unexpectedly arrives. 

When Becky returns home, her mum’s carer suggests that either Becky needs to care for her Mum more or consider putting her into a home. Becky suggests to Livia that she takes the lead on Phil’s art exhibition. And then, after suggesting Richard as the DJ, Livia sends Becky’s contact details. When Becky goes to visit Richard, she learns that work is unimpressed with her and, therefore, she will be getting replaced. More obsessed with Chloe than her own job, Becky drops the call and searches Richard’s empty flat. Inside she finds a vinyl of The Smiths. And when she goes to his bedroom, she finds him passed out. 

Straight away, Becky calls an ambulance. In the hospital, when Richard wakes up, he angrily reveals that Becky is sleeping with Elliot. Livia is upset and reminds Becky that Elliot is very vulnerable. Shortly afterward, Becky goes to see Richard when he is on his own. She asks to start over with him. It is then shown that when Chloe called Becky at 2.45 am, Becky answered, but Chloe had called by mistake and had meant to call Richard instead. And a quick flashback seems to suggest that in high school, Richard used to bully Becky.

Becky and Josh have sex once again, and as they cuddle, she envisions the pair of them getting into a car accident. Her mum, Pam, forces Becky out of bed and asks what happened to her job. Instead, Becky is more interested in the voicemail that Livia has left her. She gets to the flat before Livia, just as the actual family living there leave. Livia apologizes for being harsh to Becky over sleeping with Elliot. Livia thinks it is for the best that their relationship is over. Just as Elliot enters, Becky gets a phone call to tell her that Pam is missing.

Eventually, Becky finds her Mum on the beach, and with help from Elliot, they ensure that she is safe. Elliot offers to help Becky get Pam into Dudley Manor, which may be able to offer Pam proper care. Becky rejects his offer of help and instead says that they should listen to Livia and stop before anyone gets hurt. But Elliot reveals that it is already too late. As Becky baths Pam, the neighbor’s baby begins to cry, and Pam believes that it is Sasha. But Becky snaps and tries to remind her that Sasha is dead. Pam then asks, “what have you done” before she demands that Becky leave.

The ending

Josh checks up on Becky, and before long, they are in bed together. When she kisses him, Josh suggests that they “just go to sleep.” During the night, Becky tells Pam that she has found a great place for her to stay. But Pam doesn’t seem happy about it at all. Becky visits Elliot, and he agrees to pay for Pam’s first month at Dudley Manor, which Becky says she will pay back. Becky suggests that Elliot should place Richard in a rehab facility, and Elliot appears to agree with the idea. After spending the night with Elliot, Becky imagines Chloe ringing her and demanding that she leaves her house. 

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