The Terminal List season 1 – who is Tony Layrun?

By M.N. Miller
Published: July 1, 2022
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This article, “who is Tony Layrun,” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon original series The Terminal List season 1.

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The Terminal List is an action-thriller series based on the best-selling book series by Jack Carr. One of the principal characters is a San Diego-based FBI agent, Tony Layrun. Actor JD Pardo plays him. The actor is known for Mayans, MC, F-9, and Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 and plays one of the few law enforcement characters with a moral compass. He takes the case of chasing Lt. Commander James Reece after suspecting him of the murders of several individuals, including an NCIS detective and a high-ranking official at Capstone Industries. 

So, that begs the question:  

Who is Tony Layrun in The Terminal List season 1?  

Tony Layrun is an FBI agent based in the San Diego FBI offices.   

What does Tony Layrun Do?      

The San Diego-based FBI agent is assigned the case of Lt. Commander James Reece, the main suspect in the deaths of an NCIS detective and a high-ranking official at Capstone Industries. His investigation leads them to Capstone Industries and to visit Steve Horn. It is revealed that Horn is a bit of a fanboy over the military. He claims he has no idea who Reece is, even though his tattoos would indicate that he was in his unit at some point.  

Layan suspects Reece is in town when they spot the reporter, Katie Buraneck. When Reece sets his plan in motion to take out Horn with a close-range EFT, he uses his friend Liz to pretend to be a flower delivery worker in a large white van. This allows Reece to kill Horn and his men. However, they manage to get close enough to their suspect to chase him to the nearest national park. From there, Layan leads a search team to apprehend Reece. Though we all know how that ended, he gets away. 

Layan, though, makes a deal with Katie later. He will offer what he knows if she gives the information to locate Reece. She hands over everything she has, leading them to the Secretary of Defense authorizing RD-4895. Still, the DCIS agent tells them it was a legal blind experiment. This causes Tony to hand over everything he has to Katie, so she can write her story after she convinces him she is after the truth. Layan then takes over watch of Reece’s home when he is alerted those two high-ranking army officials are blown up base – Reece’s former bosses.

He thinks Reece must be hiding inside his home. When he attempts to commandeer him, Reece gets the upper hand and has him at gunpoint. Tony, who is one of the few noble people in the show, tells him he cannot let him keep letting himself kill people. Instead of adding him to his list, Reece gives him a warning and ties him up. When the case is taken away from Tony later, he teams up with the original Navy SEAL team because he suspects Reece will go after the Secretary. 

After Hartley’s death, Reece suffers from a gunshot wound. When Tony has him at gunpoint on the beach where Reece plans to swim for his escape, Tony tells him to freeze, or he will shoot. Reece tells him he is dead anyway. Tony lowers his gun and watches the Lt Commander disappear into the cold dark water. 

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