Resident Evil season 1, episode 3 recap – “The Light”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 14, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Will Evelyn prove to be more villainous than the overly annoying Baxter? Maybe it’s too early to tell. While the episode is not as good as the previous two, nor is there as much going on, the 2036 timeline does at least start to match the quality of the 2022 timeline.

This recap of the Netflix series Resident Evil season 1, episode 3, “The Light,” contains major spoilers. 

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Resident Evil season 1, episode 3 recap

In 2022, a reporter quizzes Evelyn, who talks about how her father was forced out of Racoon City due to a past tragedy. Then, moving forward to 2036, Jade runs for her life as the drone continues to attack her. But of course, no major harm comes to her, and Baxter is annoyed that they lost her. But little does he know that Jade is hiding close by. Jade makes friends with a family (whose son, Liam, she saved) selling contraband. They mention that one way to get across is through the “chunnel”.

Against Albert’s advice, Billie decides to return to school, although he does remark that her bite wound “is better”. And when Albert tells Jade to “keep an eye” on Billie, you just know that trouble is around the corner. Evelyn continues to annoy Albert, and she doesn’t take his concerns of “joy” as seriously as him. Instead, she wants to make Umbrella the most successful business ever. Is Evelyn’s ambition going to be the downfall of everyone else? In 2036, Jade hides from Lickers, who hunt by sound.

It gets revealed that Liam has been bit, and Enya, his mother, wants to take him to the Brotherhood, where apparently there is a cure. But Jade tries to tell Enya that once a person gets infected, they don’t love you anymore. Their small talk gets interrupted when a massive spider-type creature chases after them. Mark, Liam’s father, saves the gang by fighting with the spider and allowing them time to flee. Mark, however, gets ripped in half. In the end, Jade is able to defeat and kill the spider.

The ending

In 2022, Jade bumps into Evelyn before she returns home and finds Billie, who admits that she thinks something is wrong with her. She reveals that sounds hurt her, but she feels nothing when she slices her hand. As the third episode comes to a close, Baxter tracks down Jade. And just when it seems that she is cornered, men appear, shoot Baxter, and knock Jade out.

Who are these men? It seems obvious that they’re not friends of Baxter. But neither do they seem to be fans of Jade? Are both Jade and Baxter in danger, and if so, will they need to team up together? Unless there’s a mini twist and it’s a set-up by Baxter, maybe, just maybe, Jade will have to rely on Baxter for help. Or much more likely, Baxter will have to ask Jade for her help.

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