Resident Evil season 1, episode 4 recap – “The Turn”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 14, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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The show starts to pick up again after the slightly disappointing previous episode. Unfortunately, there also appears to be an early death from someone who seemed destined to cause more trouble for Jade. But that doesn’t mean Jade is out of danger just yet.

This recap of the Netflix series Resident Evil season 1, episode 4, “The Turn,” contains major spoilers. 

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Resident Evil season 1, episode 4 recap

A captured Jade and Baxter are taken down to underground cells. To save his life (and balls), Baxter offers to provide the gang with meth. Jade tries to reassure the gang that she is not part of Umbrella and, instead, wants to understand the virus more. Although the group’s leader isn’t interested and actually views the virus as an “act of god”. Whilst locked up in a cell, Baxter reveals that he has two dogs, who are his life. And Jade then reveals that her sister died when she (Jade) was 14.

Evelyn learns who the breach was, and when she views a photo of the man, she recognises him. In 2036, whilst still held captive, Jade notes that the “zeroes” are acting differently. As she watches them, she figures out that one of the “zeroes” controls the other; in other words, the virus is evolving. Baxter asks Jade to help them escape, and if she does, he will stop coming after her. Together, Jade and Baxter shoot their way through and kill several of the creatures. But as Baxter gets carried away with killing, Jade manages to sneak away from him.

In 2022, Angel tracks down Jade and warns her of the dangers of the virus. He claims that the virus got out and infected thousands of people, a fact that Umbrella is covering up. But before Angel can go public, he needs proof. And then comes Angel’s bombshell. Albert died in 2009. But somehow, he is still alive. As for Jade and Billie, there is nothing to prove they exist. No birth certificate, no NI number. Nothing! In a slight scuffle, Angel realises that Billie has a bite mark. And shortly afterward, Angel gets arrested. In 2036, Jade learns that the female “zero” who controls the others is referred to as “their queen”. Shortly afterwards, Jade chainsaws “the queen’s” head off and runs off with it.

The ending

Fearing that the end is near for her, Jade calls Bea. When the phone dies, Jade decides to “f**k it” and go after the “zeroes”. She has one problem, the chainsaw is out of charge. She does, however, find a grenade. After using it to kill the “zeroes”, Baxter surprisingly comes to Jade’s aid and stops her from being killed by a “zero”. Meanwhile, in 2022, Angel tells Evelyn that he knows one of the “test animals” has gotten out. Angel says that if Evelyn lets him go, he can help her fix it. Is Angel making a deal with the devil?

As Baxter and Jade attempt to escape, Jade refuses to drop the bag. And as a result, Baxter falls onto a crowd of zeroes, presumably to his death. However, Jade has a lucky escape, and she escapes through a manhole and seemingly well away from any zeroes. The episode closes as a huge light shines down on Jade.

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