Resident Evil season 1, episode 7 recap – “Parasite”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 14, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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A much-needed rise from the previous episode. With future Billie’s role in the show becoming clear, it makes for an interesting contrast between her and Jade. Plus, as the action builds up, does it suggest that a killer finale is on its way?

This recap of the Netflix series Resident Evil season 1, episode 7, “Parasite,” contains major spoilers. 

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Resident Evil season 1, episode 7 recap

In 2005, there appears to be at least four doppelgangers who look and sound exactly like Albert. When troopers enter the base and claim that it is unauthorized use of Umbrella property, one of the doppelgangers, Wesker, kills another before escaping. Evelyn then walks on the two remaining doppelgangers, Albert and Bert, and asks, “What the f**k are you?Resident Evil moves to 2022, and the person in the room next to Albert is Bert. Bert reveals that he has been locked up for the last 17 years, and he believes that Evelyn won’t kill him as she needs him. 

To Bert’s surprise, he learns that Albert was not locked up and instead made his own life on the outside. In 2036, Jade hacks up the Zero’s head and learns that there is a tracker inside, hence how Umbrella was able to track her down. With a meeting on Evelyn’s request, Jade tells Ar to press the button. But he refuses. Evelyn meets with Saqim, and she wants Jade. Saqim warns Evelyn that he and his people have weapons of their own, including a hard drive taken from Umbrella in 2022. But it doesn’t scare Evelyn; she still threatens to turn his boat into the Titanic.

Moving back to 2022, Evelyn tells Alberts that she knows he killed the reporter. Albert then guesses that Evelyn has been using Bert, who is unstable, to alter the Joy formula. Outside of school, Jade and Billie are met by Bert, who is pretending to be Albert. At the lab, Evelyn tells Albert that his cells are falling apart. And unless he helps her, he will die. Meanwhile, whilst at a restaurant, Billie and Jade get freaked out by Albert/Bert’s behaviour. Evelyn uses Simon to message Jade by saying that she may be in trouble. 

The ending

Bert tells Jade and Billie who he really is. Freaked out by the news, they tell Bert to “Stay the f**k away from us”. As they go to leave, Umbrella guards enter the restaurant. Bert protects the girls and kills/attacks Umbrella’s guards. However, Roth is able to overpower Bert and handcuffs him to a car. Roth then tells the sisters that they must come with him. When they go to Umbrella, Jade recognises Evelyn as Simon’s Mom. And Evelyn then takes the girls to Albert before taking blood from Jade. Evelyn then explains that the “OG Wesker” was an impatient man, and by making his clones, Albert went from born to 20 years old in less than six months. However, Albert found a cure for accelerated ageing, his daughters. 

Evelyn hands Albert the syringe of Jade’s blood, and he injects himself. And it seemingly turns Billie and Jade against Albert, with Billie telling Albert that she hopes he dies. In 2036, Jade meets Evelyn, who dances and sings Don’t Start Now. But just when it seems as though Evelyn has gone crazy, she freezes. Billie enters the room and reveals she controls the electrodes in Evelyn’s brain and pumps her full of 87 different drugs. Billie reveals she let Jade go with the severed head as she knew Jade would lead her directly to what she wanted.

And since Billie is not controlling Evelyn, that essentially means that Billie controls Umbrella. After a tense conversation, Billie threatens to take the ship, so Jade smashes a glass tube. At first, Billie sarcastically calls it “dramatic”, but after loud tumbling, aka several Zeroes, Billie becomes worried. Umbrella tries shooting at them, but there are too many for them to handle. As they look at the carnage, Billie tells Jade to “stop this”. 

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