Resident Evil season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

July 14, 2022 (Last updated: April 3, 2023)
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Not the most satisfying of finales, but it gets the job done. Plus, upon watching, it’s clear that expectations are that Resident Evil will return for a second season. And let’s hope so. Because if it doesn’t, then what will have been the point of watching these eight episodes?

This recap of the Netflix series Resident Evil season 1, episode 8, “Revelations,” — the ending explained — contains major spoilers. 

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Resident Evil season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

In 2022, Jade and Billie are told by Roth to pack a bag before they return to Umbrella (and Albert). When Bert is returned to Evelyn, she tells him he has to work on a project, some Zero-looking creature in a water tube. Elsewhere, Billie and Jade take everything that has happened. Understandably, they’re struggling with what has happened. And as a result, Jade says that she and Billie must run. Using Pablo (the dog) as a decoy, Jade creates a distraction whilst Billie goes to get the bag.

As they go to flee, Roth spots them. When he raises his voice, it causes Billie to develop Zero type reactions, and she violently attacks Roth. As the police come, Billie tells Jade to run. In 2026, Billie, once again, tells Jade to stop the Zeroes. But Jade says she can’t. Therefore, Billie punches Jade, knocking her out, and leaves her outside. Billie goes to Evelyn, who returns to a normal but weakened form of herself (sort of). Billie warns Evelyn that she may die, but Evelyn doesn’t think so as she tells Billie that she needs her.

As the ship leaves, Jade screams at them to wait. Arjun hears her, and he throws her some rope to climb onto the ship. Straight away, Jade goes to Saqim and demands that he presses the button. With some hesitation, Saqiim presses the button. It unlocks a huge crocodile hidden in the water. In 2022, Roth takes Billie to Evelyn and shows her Jade’s bite mark. Evelyn tells Billie the “f**king truth” and says she is the only person who can help Billie. Jade goes to Simon for help, although he initially has trouble believing her story. That is, anyways, until Diana cuts open her hand and is unable to feel a thing.

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Evelyn examines Billie and learns that the virus is not infecting the cells. Simon calls Evelyn and accuses her of drugging Diana. And then comes the revelation that Diana was going to leave Evelyn and take Simon away. There’s another test on Billie. Although this time, she has a violent reaction and screams uncontrollably. In 2026, Billie uses technology to shoot all of the Zeroes that were attacking her. But the moment that all of the Zeroes are taken down, the crocodile emerges from the ocean. From the ship, Jade and Arjun watch, with Arjun telling Jade that she had no other choice. When Jade and Arjun go to check on Bea, she isn’t in her room. 

Moving back to 2022, Billie screams for her sister before she turns violent and stabs the tech guy in the eye. Billie then attacks Evelyn before trying to leave the lab. As she struggles to control what is happening to her, Bert comes to her rescue. Whilst Billie says she doesn’t want to see Albert, Bert tries to talk her around. Jade and Simon go to the lab and go to see Albert. Just at that very moment, Billie and Bert arrive. As they all leave, the place goes on lockdown.

In 2036, Billie runs away from the crocodile, with her tech proving to be useful at harming the creature. At least, at first. Elsewhere, Jade and Arjun search for Bea. But when the crocodile collapses into the water, it throws them on land. Back in 2022, Evelyn, Roth, and their guards try to track down Jade, Billie, Albert, Simon, and Bert. Billie grows sicker, and in a moment of confusion, she bites Simon. Albert promises to fix Simon, but only if Evelyn lets the girls go. Instead, Evelyn shoots Simon in the eye. 

In 2036, Billie boards a helicopter whilst Jade tends to Arjun’s broken leg. As Bea wanders around, the crocodile finds her. But the creature does not attack her; instead, he becomes calm in her presence. But the sweet moment is worried when Billie fires a missile at the crocodile. Jade hugs Bea as Billie, and her guards enter the scene. Billie demands to know what Jade did that meant the crocodile would not kill Bea. Jade won’t say, nor will Billie leave them alone. 

The ending

Jade reflects that the night Simon died was the worst night of her life and claims that it made Billie heartless and hopeless. Billie, however, claims it was the best night of her life and that she is the future. Billie sticks the knife in further by claiming Jade’s hands are covered in blood as everyone around her, such as Simon, Bert, and Kim, dies. Even so, Jade can’t bring herself to shoot and begs Billie to take her instead of Bea. Billie tells Jade that she doesn’t need her anymore and shoots Jade before she has her guards take Bea. 

Resident Evil moves back to 2022 as Albert and Bert decide to make a bomb to stop Evelyn. Albert tells Bert to take Jade and Billie to safety before saying goodbye to them. However, Bert tells Albert that he will do it instead. Yet, Albert tells him no and says that Bert deserves a life. Albert tells Jade to go out the back, gives her a note and says to “find her”. As Evelyn storms in, she shoots Albert before he can torch the place. She reminds Albert that she will change the world and that she has the future. Albert, however, has a pen. And with it, he sets the place alight. However, as the building blows up, Evelyn manages to protect herself from the blast.

Later that night, Billie tells Jade that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. But Jade doesn’t give her the warmest of responses. After Bert picks them up and Billie sleeps, Jade checks Albert’s note which has details for Ada Wong. The End!

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    The movie can’t end that way…i hope it continues

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