Resident Evil season 1 – what happens after Jade and Billie break into Umbrella?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 14, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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This article, “what happens after Jade and Billie break into Umbrella”, contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series Resident Evil season 1.

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The relationship between twin sisters Jade and Billie could easily be argued as being one of the most complex relationships through the show’s eight episodes during season one. And whilst initially, they have a typical close-knit relationship with a normal amount of ups and downs, they still remain close.

But once Jade and Billie break into Umbrella to see if the corporation tests on animals, their lives (and nearly those of everyone else) are changed forever. And not for the better.

What happens after Jade and Billie break into Umbrella in Resident Evil season 1?

After Jade and Billie break into Umbrella’s lab, Billie hears growls from a container and, likely without thinking, opens it. A violent dog leaps out and chases the two sisters around Umbrella before it attacks and bites Billie. Jade manages to kill the dog, but it seems that Billie may have died. Although luckily, Billie seems to be ok.

After Albert covers up for his daughters, Billie’s behavior begins to change. And it becomes obvious that Billie has been infected with the T-Virus. Before long, Billie starts to show signs of aggressive behaviour, much like the same dog that attacked her. It doesn’t take long for the CEO of Umbrella, Evelyn, to realize that Albert is hiding something, and she arrests him.

It all comes into full play in the season finale when the truth of Billie’s bite mark causes devastating effects for nearly everyone involved. And with Billie growing more ill with each second, she starts to become more and more violent. Ultimately, in a violent act of confusion, Billie bites Simon in view of his mother, Evelyn. And as Evelyn knows that it means Simon now has the T-Virus, she kills him.

Although the sisters manage to get away from Evelyn, they seem to have lost their bond following Simon’s death. And by the year 2036, Jade and Billie hate each other, so much so that Billie shoots Jade and kidnaps her daughter. Likely, Jade’s cold and ruthless behaviour is due to the bite mark she received from breaking into Umbrella.

What do you think about Jade and Billie breaking into Umbrella? Do you think things would have turned out differently for the sisters had they never broken into the lab?

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