Resident Evil season 1 – who is Albert Wesker?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 14, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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This article, “who is Albert Wesker”, contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series Resident Evil season 1.

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Who is Albert Wesker in Resident Evil season 1?

On paper, Albert seems to live a fairly normal but successful life. His booming career as a scientist allows him to move to Raccoon City with his twin daughters, Jade and Billie. Whilst he may appear stoic and distant, he has a strong moral compass that causes conflicts with his boss. Even more so, Albert is very protective of his daughters. And it seems that he will do almost anything to protect them.

But what he doesn’t share with his daughters is that he is, in fact, a clone. And as Evelyn is more than aware of that very fact, Albert is desperate to keep that a secret. And as being a clone means that Albert ages rapidly, he injects Jade and Billie’s blood into his neck to slow down the process.

What does Albert Wesker do?

After his daughter, Billie, gets picked on by a school bully, Tammy, Albert visits the school office and uses his job title to scare Tammy’s father into dropping any potential charges against Billie. Later, when Billie breaks into the lab and gets bitten by a dog infected with T-Virus, Albert covers for her.

Although he doesn’t explain the full details, Albert tells Jade and Billie that if anyone finds out that they (Jade and Billie) were at Umbrella, they will all get arrested. But once a former journalist, Angel, appears in New Raccoon City and directs Albert’s daughter toward the truth and directly into danger, Albert murders that journalist. However, Angel’s death makes his boss, Evelyn, very suspicious of Albert and speculates whether he is the mole that she has been looking for.

Before long, Evelyn “arrests” Albert and locks him in a room next to one of his fellow clones, Bert. Before long, there’s a family reunion for Albert, Bert, Jade, and Billie. But tragedy strikes as when the four of them, and Evelyn’s son Simon, try to escape from New Raccoon City, Billie accidentally bites Simon. With the likely possibility that Simon is now infected with T-Virus, Evelyn shoots Simon in the eye.

Concerned that Evelyn will come after his daughters, Albert blows up Umbrella with a make-shift bomb. And, tragically, Albert dies in the process. Whilst he doesn’t manage to kill Evelyn, Albert’s death allows for Jade and Billie to escape with Bert. If only Albert knew what was in store for Jade and Billie in 2036!

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