Resident Evil season 1 – who is Billie Wesker?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 14, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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This article, “who is Billie Wesker”, contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series Resident Evil season 1.

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Who is Billie Wesker in Resident Evil season 1?

In 2022 Billie Wesker is a timid and shy girl who struggles to fit in New Raccoon City. She has a gentle heart, even going as far as trying to make up with the school bully in an attempt to fit in. But her caring heart proves to be her downfall. After trying to learn whether Umbrella tests on animals, Billie becomes infected with the T-Virus. Whilst, unlike others, it doesn’t kill her, it completely changes her personality. And by the year 2036, Billie is a cold and ruthless individual who now shares many qualities with Evelyn.

What does Billie Wesker do?

In 2022, once Billie moves to New Raccoon City with twin sister Jade and their father, Albert, she makes instant enemies with school bully Tammy. At first, Billie tries to take the high road and make amends with Tammy, but literally ends up with food on her face. When Billie suspects that Umbrella may be involved in animal testing, Billie forces Jade into helping her break into the lab. But once they are there, Billie gets bitten by a dog infected with the T-Virus.

This is when Billie’s life starts to change completely. As she starts to notice a huge shift in her body, Billie (and Jade) learn that Albert is a clone, and many aspects of their life have been a lie. Although Albert promises that he will make Billie better, her condition continues to decline. It all comes to a head in 2022 when Billie accidentally bites Simon, Evelyn’s son, and ultimately infects him with the T-Virus.

As a result, Evelyn kills Simon. It then appears that this tragic incident causes Billie and Jade to drift apart, as it isn’t until 14 years later that Jade and Billie see each other again. Although Billie is working with Umbrella troops, she claims to be helping Jade and allows her to escape, even going on to say, “We never stopped being sisters”.

However, that is soon proven to be a lie as Billie only allowed Jade to escape so she could track her. When the two sisters next come face-to-face, Billie reveals that she controls Evelyn (through electrodes and 87 different drugs). Therefore, Billie is the unknown ruler of Umbrella. After Billie witnesses a giant crocodile that kills everything in its sight mellow down in the presence of Jade’s daughter Bea, Billie shoots Jade and kidnaps Bea!

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