Story recap – what happened in Virgin River season 4?

July 20, 2022
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This is a story recap of the Netflix series Virgin River season 4 and contains spoilers as it details what happened.

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Virgin River is a romantic drama with a sprawling ensemble cast. Each character has their own specific storylines and interconnected subplots to explore throughout this twelve-episode run. With so much going on it is easy to lose track of the many plot points. So here’s a breakdown of what happened in each episode of Virgin River season four:

Story recap – what happened in Virgin River season 4?

Episode 1

Mel is pregnant, but unsure if the baby’s father is Mark or Jack. She wants Jack to take a paternity test to find out. Hope is slowly recovering from her brain injury and struggles to adjust to her new life. She even forgets that her best friend Lilly has died. Preacher hires a private investigator to find Vince and Christopher. A new doctor called Cameron starts at the clinic and he instantly falls for Mel. Doc meets with a man who claims to be his grandson, called Denny. Preacher shows Jack footage of Vince on the run, which triggers a memory, revealing that Vince shot Jack. Brady has been wrongly imprisoned and framed for the shooting. He is stabbed multiple times in the stomach by a fellow inmate.

Episode 2

Brady is rushed into hospital. Jack tells Detective Mike that Brady is innocent. Mike still believes Brady did it though. Mel helps Cameron deliver a baby, but it is stillborn. Jack’s father visits and disapproves of his life choices, especially the fact he didn’t marry Charmaine, who he is having twins with. Lizzie and Denny go on a date and ex-boyfriend Ricky is jealous. Brie tells Brady that she will fight to get him out of jail and she declares her love to him. Denny reveals that his father (Doc’s son) died a month ago. Hope tries to socialize with friends, but struggles to cope. Calvin threatens Brie, telling her that Brady needs to start working for him again. It is revealed that Jack’s mother wants a divorce.

Episode 3

Connie warns Lizzie that Denny might be here for Doc’s inheritance, but they continue to date anyway. Doc is grieving a son he didn’t know he had and Mel talks to Doc about missing her daughter, who was stillborn. Preacher starts to date his aikido instructor Julia. Brady gets out on bail, but doesn’t know who provided the payment. At a meal, Jack realizes that Cameron is attracted to Mel, but says he isn’t jealous. Doc confesses to Hope about having a grandson, she is excited to meet him. Jack finds out his mother is having an affair. Brie and Brady are reunited on the outside and get back together.

Episode 4

Brie discovers that Brady plans to go on the run as a fugitive, she promises to prove his innocence if he stays. Mel plans a surprise getaway for Jack, after he gifts her a necklace. Preacher suggests camping on a remote island. They try to get Jack away from work early, but he has decided to paint the entire bar. Charmaine tells Jack they are having boys, but he is angry she kept it a secret for so long. Doc wants Denny to move in with them, but Hope says no. Lizzie tells Denny that she used to date Ricky and he seems annoyed by this news. Friends help Jack paint the bar and Preacher drives him to his surprise. Mel and Jack are taking a seaplane to the remote destination, but the pilot has a heart attack halfway there.

Episode 5

Jack manages to land the plane and the pilot is rushed into hospital. Mel is shaken, but the baby is apparently fine. Doc is worried about his wife’s slow recovery and books her in for a check-up. She lies and ditches the appointment to be with her sewing circle friends. Jack refuses to take the paternity test, which upsets Mel. Jack questions Brady about the night he was shot, but Brady says he didn’t see anything suspicious. Lizzie and Ricky rehearse for the Renaissance Fair. Doc confronts Hope about her lie. Denny moves into the clinic and snoops around at night, breaking into a drug’s cabinet. Mel catches him up to no good.

Episode 6

The Renaissance Fair is in town and the locals celebrate, dressing up in medieval outfits. Muriel introduces Jack to Tim (Chris’ brother). Tim passes Jack an important letter from Chris, which really unnerves the bar owner. Hope asks Denny to stay at their house and he accepts. Preacher impresses Julia by helping out her niece. Brady accepts a job with Calvin in the hopes of framing him. Lizzie and Ricky perform Romeo and Juliet, kissing on stage. Mel tells Doc about Denny being in the drug’s cabinet. Preacher and Jack perform a knight’s duel, Jack has flashbacks to Chris’ death during the act. Preacher tells Jack to go to therapy. Denny gives Lizzie flowers and they kiss. Ricky is distraught. Mel tells Jack to see a therapist, she’s worried about his excessive drinking too. Jack reads Chris’ letter and then burns it. Mel feels a pain in her stomach and shouts for Jack, but he has passed out. She calls Doc, worrying her baby is hurt.

Episode 7

Mel’s baby is healthy and well, but she is furious with Jack. Joey (Mel’s sister) arrives unannounced, revealing that she is engaged and will be getting married tomorrow. Mel worries they are rushing into things after only knowing each other a month. Doc and Cameron hike into the forest to help Charlie, a hunter who is injured and stranded. Hope joins the sewing circle and they plan a memorial garden for Lilly. Jack contemplates starting a glamping business. Nick says he will consider investing. Julia asks about Preacher’s previous relationship, but he won’t discuss it and she leaves. Ricky is nervous about enlisting. Mel tells Joey’s fiancé that she has her doubts about the wedding and he calls it off. Mike may have a lead on Calvin’s whereabouts. Lizzie finds Denny’s stash of pills, made out in his father’s name. Hope crashes her car.

Episode 8

Jack tells Mel that he will give up alcohol for her. Mel apologizes to Joey and the wedding is back on. To make it up to her sister, Mel decides to plan a surprise ceremony. Denny finds Doc’s financial documents and takes photographs. Doc confronts Denny about the drug’s cabinet, Denny lies saying he had a headache. Jack finds an old photograph of his brother, which has an adverse effect on the man. Mel buys her sister a wedding dress, but Charmaine thinks Mel is getting married. They find a bloody knife at the bar. Jack drinks shots with the groom, breaking his promise instantly. Denny uses Doc’s identity to close an account. At the wedding, Lizzie tells Doc about Denny’s pills. Jack misses the wedding and goes missing. Mel worries sick and Preacher drives around town searching for him.

Episode 9

The whole town looks for Jack, who is still missing. Preacher finds him asleep in his truck. Jack apologizes to Mel, but she is enraged. She tells him to stay at Preacher’s house. Both Preacher and Mel tell Jack to seek help, but he refuses. Jack researches and meets up with a possible therapist in secret. Melissa Montgomery meets with Brady. She has taken over Calvin’s job and wants Brady to be more involved in the business. Denny confesses to Doc that he had a large inheritance and used the money to pay off the clinic’s mortgage. Mel meets up with Stacie (her sister-in-law). She informs Mel that her mother is seeking custody of Mel’s embryos. Preacher tells Julia that he is single and apologizes for the mixed messages. Christopher calls Preacher, saying he wants to come home. Jack tells Mel he will be going to a few therapy sessions. Brie and Mike track down Calvin’s boat. They call for back-up, but Calvin is spooked. Suddenly, his boat explodes.

Episode 10

Melissa informs Brady that Calvin is dead, implying that she killed him. Mel meets with Cassandra (her mother-in-law), who wants to raise Mel’s children. She is grieving her own son’s death and wants to carry on Mark’s legacy. Mike tries to trace the phone Christopher used. He updates Preacher, saying that Sally was coerced into helping with the kidnapping and may lead them to Vince. Denny tells Lizzie that he suffers from anxiety and is grieving, that is why he takes the pills. Muriel teaches Hope how to play backgammon, so she can share a hobby with Doc. Cameron finds out Mel is pregnant. The DNA on the bloody knife is Vince’s. Charmaine throws an extravagant baby shower. Brie’s ex Don phones her, telling her to end the rape rumors. Doc finds out that Hope crashed her car. Preacher tells Julia about his ex and then Paige turns up on his doorstep.

Episode 11

Paige explains that she has been living at a women’s shelter and that she has returned because Sally told her that Vince kidnapped Christopher. Jack tells Mel how his brother Adam died. Jack takes the paternity test. Hope’s neurologist tells her that she needs extra support, either moving to a rehabilitation center or by hiring a health aide. Hope is against both ideas. Paige contacts Vince and agrees a swap, her for Christopher. Preacher disagrees and takes the GPS coordinates to hunt Vince down. Cameron is awkward with Mel and confesses to finding out about her pregnancy. He advises Mel to be weary of Jack and they argue. Hope apologizes to Doc and asks to choose her own health aide. Lizzie wants the truth from Denny, but he refuses and ends their relationship. Nick invests in Jack’s business venture. Preacher and Christopher are reunited. He passes Preacher a farewell letter from Paige. Denny faints. Don asks at the bar for Brie’s location. Jack proposes to Mel.

Episode 12

Mel says yes and the couple are engaged. They celebrate, spending a few days at a fancy suite. Mel receives the lab results, Jack is the father and they are having a girl. Cameron resigns due to their argument and won’t be convinced otherwise by Mel. Hope offers the aide role to Lizzie, yet she thinks it would be awkward with Denny. Mike tells Brie that he’s a free man, the charges have been dropped. The town wish Ricky the best with an adorable send-off. Charmaine calls Jack, worried that Todd is cheating on her. Ricky says goodbye to Lizzie and she cries. Jack tells Ricky he is proud of him. Denny overhears Doc discussing Lizzie’s dilemma. Denny tells Lizzie he has Huntington’s disease. Mel and Jack celebrate with Nick and Jo Ellen. Nick’s sister arrives for the meal, who happens to be Melissa Montgomery. Don asks Brie to sign a nondisclosure agreement. She refuses and says she will be pressing charges as he raped her. Vince threatens Paige at gun point. Preacher saves the day, knocking Vince out. A flashback reveals why Vince shot Jack. Mel and Jack rush over to Charmaine’s. She is struggling to breathe, but tells Jack the twins aren’t his children.

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