The Resort season 1, episode 3 recap – who was that calling?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 28, 2022
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Emma and Noah’s search for the truth lands them in danger, like Sam and Violet’s hunt for his skateboard in 2007. It’s funny and exciting, and this episode bodes well for the rest of the series. Overall, a great watch!

This recap of the Peacock series The Resort season 1, episode 3contains spoilers.

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The Resort season 1, episode 3 recap 

As the third episode of The Resort begins, Noah and Emma sneak into the abandoned Oceana Vista Resort that’s in ruins after the hurricane. First, they need to find the yellow, and then they will crack the case. (But as it’s only the third episode, that likely won’t happen). After a game of lightsabers, Emma and Noah find Sam’s old hotel room. Before long, they find the yellow snake room. But Emma doesn’t think the room matches the photos on the mobile phone. Unbeknownst to them, someone is spying on them. Finally, Emma finds the room she’s looking for, and despite the danger the hurricane could have brought to the building, she rushes inside.

In 2007, Carl tries to convince Sam to jetski. However, Sam wants to go on a banana boat instead, which Carl just happens to think looks like a giant d**k. Back at the resort, Violet gets an invite to a party that’s not for tourists. Sam sees her and explains his situation, aka finding a d**k pic from a professor on Hanna’s phone. She offers him a drink, and as a result, it seems their friendship/romance is back on. Whilst eating with her father, Violet spots “Santa Claus” riding on Sam’s skateboard. She alerts Sam of her finding, and together, they go to get the skateboard. But, as they cannot reach the penthouse, they decide to go to the party instead. 

The party is in full swing, whilst Violet’s Dad drinks alone. When Baltasar feels sorry for him, they provide him with a drink on the house. And the next thing you know, Baltasar attends the underground party and pretty much steals the scene. When Sam learns that Baltasar is part of the Frías family, Sam asks who they are. In response, Sam gets told not to f**k with the yellow snake. When Sam goes to get himself and Violet two drinks, he has a weird and awkward encounter with Baltasar. Then when “Santa Claus” enters the party, Sam steals his key, an action he gets punched for. Even so, Sam successfully grabs the keys, and he and Violet rush to get his skateboard back.

The ending

Back in the present day, Emma and Noah are on the top floor. But it doesn’t seem right to Emma. She finds an old elevator shaft and learns there’s another floor above him. Against Noah’s wishes, she decides to climb up the shaft. As Noah decides to follow Emma up the shaft, The Resorts cuts back and forth with 2007 as Sam and Violet start to make out. When Emma and Noah reach the top floor, Emma tells Noah this is where Sam and Violet are in the photographs.

In the abandoned hotel room, Noah and Emma find a wall painting of Oceana Vista Resort. In that same painting are Baltasar, Luna, Sam, and Violet. As Emma takes photos of the wall painting, Noah finds her broken tooth. Just as they start to argue over the tooth, Noah and Emma hear footsteps, so they hide in the closet. In 2007, Sam and Violet also hide in the closet. Just as Violet grabs a weapon, someone opens the closet door.

In the present timeline, Emma and Noah watch as Baltasar takes the mobile phone. As a result, Emma chases after him and demands that he gives her the mobile back. However, he refuses to do so. The chase is on! Emma hits him with a weapon, and he drops the mobile, and it slides inches away from the open elevator shaft. The mobile starts to vibrate, and because of that, it falls down the shaft. 

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