The Resort season 1, episode 2 recap – what’s the deal with Baltasar?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 28, 2022
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While it loses just a little steam from the pilot episode, The Resort brings enough mystery and development that audiences would be silly not to dive straight into the next episode. 

This recap of the Peacock series The Resort season 1, episode 2contains spoilers.

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The Resort season 1, episode 2 recap 

On December 24th, 2007, in California, Emma and Noah meet for the first time. They bond over Emma’s reluctance to swim in the ocean due to her belief that there’s sewage pumped into it. Meanwhile, after Sam crashes into the tree, Violet brings him up to her hotel room and tries to tend to his head wound. It’s a nasty wound with lots of blood. Yet, when Violet advises him to go to the hospital, he doesn’t want to. As a result, Violet superglues his head back together. And afterward, Sam and Violet introduce themselves to each other before exchanging numbers. 

As Sam and Violet text each other in the present timeline, Emma and Noah read through the texts and get the completely wrong idea! At the Tulum Ruins, Emma and Noah learn that the snake with four heads refers to an empire. Is that a clue towards solving the cold case? Noah and Emma think so, and therefore, they go to Playa del Carmen. This museum-like place has a full display of the Frías empire. After pretending to show interest in a dress, Emma gets her measurements taken by an apprentice. As he measures Emma, she and Noah ask him for information about Oceana Vista Resort. Whilst he is scared/reluctant to provide any info, he provides them with one name, Baltasar. 

But when she angers one of the shop workers by not buying the dress, she and Noah are chased through the streets. When they return to their hotel room and look into the history of the resort, they uncover some photos, one of which has a younger Luna in it. They try to quiz Luna about Baltasar. But like the apprentice, she is reluctant to provide any answers.

The ending

However, their findings lead them to a man who lives on a boat, and he offers more information. Some say that Baltasar is dead, while others claim he changed his identity. The man also tells Emma and Noah that Baltasar was living at the resort at the time of Sam and Violet’s disappearance. He then tells Noah and Emma to give him the phone as it will place them in danger if they don’t. 

Back in 2007 and Violet is more interested in texting Sam than listening to her Dad. But when she spots Sam with Hanna, Violet abruptly stops texting Sam. In the present timeline, Emma continues to research Sam and Violet’s disappearance and then breaks her tooth. In the episode’s closing moments, Luna goes to see Baltasar, who appears to be hiding away. Luna tells him that two tourists are asking questions about him after finding Sam’s mobile. 

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