Who died in Paper Girls season 1?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: July 29, 2022
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This article, “Who died in Paper Girls season 1”, contains spoilers regarding the Amazon original series.

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Paper Girls is based on the popular comic book series that was written by Brian K Vaughan and released 30 issues between 2015 and 2019. Below is a list of all the key characters that may have died during the first season. But, just remember that as there are leaps of time travelling in the show; just because someone dies, it doesn’t always mean that they’re off the screen for long.

Who died in Paper Girls season 1?

Mac Coyle

Although this death happens, it becomes one of the biggest storylines of the first season of Paper Girls. Whilst young Mac remains part of the show in each episode, as she likely will if the show gets renewed for another season, she learns that she died of cancer when she was 16 years old. After Mac time travels, she goes to see her brother, Dylan. Understandably, she’s horrified when she learns what is in store for her. And as the season comes to a close, many of the other lead characters, namely the paper girls, are desperate to find a way to ensure that Mac can live. 


An STF (Standard-Times-Fighter) member, Larry claims that he wants to use the time travelling to fix past mistakes. He promises the help the paper girls travel back to 1988 and shows them his giant robot. And whilst it seems that using the robot to time travel initially works, another folding happens, and Larry warns the paper girls and Adult Erin to run. However, it’s late for Larry and a second giant robot lasers him, pretty much turning him into liquid. And that’s not Larry’s only death! In the season finale, and in 1999, Larry gets eaten by a dinosaur! 

Adult Erin Tieng

The introduction of Adult Erin alerts the paper girls that they have, in fact, time traveled. Afterwards, Adult Erin tries to help her younger self and the three other paper girls. Ultimately, Adult Erin meets a tragic end. After the paper girls, Adult Erin and Larry, time travel to 1999, it seems that a giant robot may kill them all. Instead, Adult Erin takes control of another giant robot and gives up her life so that the paper girls are able to escape. 


Despite seemingly being a villain for most of the series, Prioress makes a quick turnaround in the season finale. She decides to help the paper girls and launches spaceships so that they can escape from Russ. Although she is successful in doing so, she still gets shot. And when her superior, Russ, learns what Prioress has done, he takes away the buys that were beginning to heal her. And the last time we see Prioress, she is lying in a pool of her own blood. 

So that’s who has died so far in Paper Girls! If the show returns, who do you think will die next? And do you think that any of the characters will return?

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