Purple Hearts (2022) ending explained – do Cassie and Luke “fake” their marriage?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: July 30, 2022 (Last updated: April 12, 2023)

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Purple Hearts (2022), so it will contain spoilers.

Purple Hearts is a story of a couple who, despite barely knowing each other, marry each other for financial benefits. To start, Cassie is a wannabe singer-songwriter who waitresses to make ends meet. Meanwhile, Luke is a marine and has built up quite a number of debts to his drug dealer. Both are struggling financially; Cassie is unable to afford her health insurance, whilst Luke’s former drug dealer is threatening him into forking over the amount he owes him. And when their paths collide, so does the idea of a fake marriage.

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However, the pair don’t exactly hit it off when they first meet at the bar that Cassie works at. Their personalities continue to clash, but they nonetheless decide to marry to better their own situation. And it never remains smooth sailing for the pair. From arguments over lunch, Cassie and Luke struggle to make it appear as though they’re a genuine couple. But in the end, they continue to “fake it”, and their attraction becomes clear. This results in Cassie and Luke having sex shortly before he gets deployed to Iraq. 

Whilst Luke is in Iraq, Cassie continues to waitress and perform, and Luke FaceTimes Cassie often. And whilst it may initially be to convince others of their love for each other, it’s clear that Cassie and Luke are starting to develop feelings for each other. But tragedy strikes after Cassie celebrates one of her songs going viral. She learns that Luke has been seriously injured in Iraq with his legs getting shattered. As a result, she goes to tell his brother, only to find his father, Jacob, who clearly doesn’t have the highest of opinions toward Luke. But more tragically, it soon gets revealed that Frankie, a marine who was about to propose to his girlfriend, has died in combat. 

Netflix film Purple Hearts ending explained

When Luke, now in a wheelchair, returns home, he has to live with Cassie to avoid a court martial; whilst his father drops by way too often for Cassie and Luke’s liking. Even so, Cassie continues to help Luke, even getting him a dog, Peaches, to help “guys like him”. However, her wording doesn’t land well with Luke. As Purple Hearts progresses, Luke’s history with drugs comes back to haunt him. When his dealer, Johnno, demands money from Luke, Luke eventually coughs up the sum he owes. Regardless, Johnno learns that Cassie and Luke’s marriage is a sham, and he reports them.

As a result, Luke and Cassie get called to a hearing over their fake marriage. Despite Luke being advised not to make a statement, he does anyways. He reveals that he forced Cassie into marrying him and that he wants to bear complete responsibility. So, Luke gets found guilty and sentenced to six months imprisonment with a dishonorable discharge. But because of that, Cassie faces no charges. As Purple Hearts ends, Cassie performs at the Hollywood Bowl after getting a record deal. Almost as soon as she finishes performing, Cassie drives off to say goodbye to Luke before he leaves to start his sentence. She makes a dramatic speech, and they kiss. 

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