The Sandman season 1 – how does Lord Morpheus end up locked in a cage?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 5, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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This article, “how does Lord Morpheous end up locked in a cage,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s The Sandman season 1.

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When Sir Roderick Burgess and Dr Hathaway suffer the loss of their sons, they are so overwhelmed with grief that they look into ways to bring their sons back from the dead. So how do they decide to do so? They plan to kidnap “Death” and blackmail him into bringing their sons back to life. However, the plan fails, but how does that result in Lord Morpheus being locked in a cage?

The Sandman season 1 – how does Lord Morpheus end up locked in a cage?

Sir Roderick Burgess and Dr Hathaway’s plan to kidnap “Death” goes drastically wrong, and they kidnap Lord Morpheus, The King of Dreams, instead. As a result, Sir Roderick places Lord Morpheous in a cage that is so strong that no one can escape unless someone falls asleep nearby. As for Sir Roderick’s hope that his son will be resuscitated, well, that never happens.

Years go by, and Morpheus remains locked in the cage; although Sir Roderick’s son, Alex, wants to release Morpheus, Sir Roderick forbids him from doing so. More time goes past, and a “sleeping fever” affects the waking world. After Alex is caught considering whether or not to release Lord Morpheous, it leads to a fight between Alex and Sir Roderick. And Lord Morpheous is powerless as he watches Alex accidentally kill his father.

But with Alex much kinder than his father, does this mean that he will soon release Morpheus from the cage? Nope. Even though there seems to be almost a friendship between Alex and Lord Morpheous, Alex stops himself from breaking Lord Morpheous free. In the end, Lord Morpheous finally break free, after being locked up for over a century, when one of the guards watching him falls asleep. 

Lord Morpheous sneaks into the guard’s dream, takes control of his body and shoots the cage. Finally free, Lord Morpheous is able to end the “sleeping fever”. But Morpheus takes revenge on Alex and puts him under a spell of eternal sleep. But does it end there? Nope. It later becomes clear that Morpheus’ sisters, Desire and Despair, played a role in his capture!

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