The Sandman season 1 – does Lord Morpheus kill Rose Walker?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 5, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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This article, “does Lord Morpheous kill Rose Walker,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s The Sandman season 1.

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After Lord Morpheous escapes from the cage he had been trapped in for nearly a century, he learns that the realm he had previously called home has now turned into a wreck and ruin. Along the way to restoring the world to the way it was, Lord Morpheous faces many difficult choices. Examples include when he has to absorb Gregory, take sand away from Johanna’s ex-girlfriend, Rachel, and leave her with certain death. But one of the hardest choices he has to make is whether or not he kills Rose Walker. And as the first season of The Sandman, one question may be on the minds of the viewers, will he actually kill Rose Walker, or will he find a way to ensure her survival?

The Sandman season 1 – does Lord Morpheous kill Rose Walker?

Lord Morpheous isn’t a typical hero throughout the first season of The Sandman. With a bit more depth than your typical lead “hero”, there are times when the audience will question Lord Morpheous actions. None more so than the emotional and tragic death of dragon Gregory. (Was there a moment more heartbreaking on the show, I think not). 

But when Lord Morpheous learns about Rose Walker, a dream vortex, he is soon confronted by her when she enters the dream realm. Although Lord Morpheous initially agrees to help Rose track down her brother, who has been missing for years, he eventually decides that he must kill her as he cannot allow the dream vortex to live.

And in the season finale, The Corinthian even tells Rose that Lord Morpheous intends to kill her. However, Rose isn’t stupid enough to trust The Corinthian, and she doesn’t pay much attention to his claims. But the threat from Lord Morpheous remains, and when it comes down to it, Rose’s pregnant friend, Lyta, believes that Rose is strong enough to kill Lord Morpheous. Ultimately, Lord Morpheous and Rose have a stand-off, where it seems that only one will survive. However, Rose’s grandmother, Unity, a descendant of the dream vortex, persuades Lord Morpheous to take her life instead, thus saving Rose. So, in the end, Lord Morpheous doesn’t kill Rose, and she is free to live a happy life; the last time we see Rose, she has written a book that appears in the dreaming library.

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