The Sandman season 1 – what fate awaits Jed?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 5, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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This article, “what fate awaits Jed,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s The Sandman season 1.

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When we are first introduced to Rose Walker, it soon becomes clear that her younger brother is missing. Unfortunately, whilst Rose is doing all that she can to find her brother, her money is running low. And as a result, she doesn’t have the funds needed to pay for a private investigator. 

Although Rose isn’t aware of it, she is a dream vortex, and that very fact could be what could help her track down her missing brother. But when or even if Rose does locate Jed, is he still alive? And if he’s still alive, what fate will await him?

The Sandman season 1 – what fate awaits Jed?

Before long, it isn’t just Rose searching for Jed; Lord Morpheus and The Corinthian are also on the hunt for him. As for Jed, he is alive! Whilst he dreams of being a superhero, the grim reality is that he’s been locked in a basement by his foster parents. With his foster father threatening to beat Jed if he complains. 

After Rose learns that she is a dream vortex, she and Lord Morpheus come close to finding Jed. But unluckily for them, they aren’t the first to find Jed. Instead, The Corinthian tracks him down! He brutally murders Jed’s abusive foster parents and then takes Jed out for a drive. Once Rose learns that the foster parents have been murdered, The Corinthian has Jed call Rose and tell her where they are.

As part of The Corinthian’s plan to lure Rose to him and have her turn against Lord Morpheus, he tells Rose that Jed will be at the Royal Empire Hotel in Georgia. But once they get there, there’s a “Cereal” convention for serial killers, and whilst Rose and Jed are soon reunited, a serial killer tries to kill Jed. But The Corinthian comes to their rescue and kills the creep trying to kill Jed. (Did The Corinthian purposely lead them into the path of a serial killer so he could “rescue” them, probably.)

After saving Jed, and seemingly in Rose’s good book, The Corinthian tries to convince her to help him take down Lord Morpheus; although, his plan fails, and it actually leads to his own downfall. Whilst the plan didn’t work out for The Corinthian, it works for Jed, who is able to escape his foster posters and be reunited with his sister! 

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