Locke and Key season 3, episode 2 recap – “Wedding Crashers”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 10, 2022
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Locke and Key, season 3, episode 2 recap - "Wedding Crashers"


The character of Bode remains as annoying as ever during the wedding episode, but there’s enough action to progress the story in Locke and Key.

This recap of Locke and Key season 3, episode 2, “Wedding Crashers”, contains spoilers. You can check out all of our coverage on this show by clicking these words.

Locke and Key season 3, episode 2 recap

The wedding celebrations start, and whilst Duncan arrives, Tyler is still a no-show. Meanwhile, Captain Frederick Gideon calls out James Bolton and Samuel Coffey and gets them to come with him. He tells the two gentlemen that they died in a war that was eventually lost; and that now, they currently stand on the property of Benjamin Locke, which, as we know, is now occupied by his descendants. When James and Samuel ask who the hell the captain is, he tells them that he is their Captain and something more.

Tyler eventually arrives, and there’s a sweet family reunion. Upstairs, Bode practices his duties as the best man when there’s knocking on the door. It’s Tyler! Kinsey has several questions for Tyler, but when Tyler is gone, Bode tells Kinsey that it would be so much easier if Tyler could remember. Captain Frederick Gideon instructs one of the two men to stab the other. But there’s no blood, nor is there pain. Next in Locke and Key, we see Tyler going for a walk, and he notices that the window bars in the well are all bent. 

As the wedding nears, Bode starts to hear whispering from a clock, “Now, really?”. As expected, he finds a timeshift key in the clock, opens it, and finds a sand timer. Within that clock are Benjamin and Miranda Locke, but Bode being Bode, he laughs and soon makes himself noticed. But he is only there for three minutes. So, this time with Jamie, he uses the key again. However, this time they don’t find Benjamin Locke but a much younger Duncan. In the present day, Duncan says that the timeshift key is too unpredictable, and he takes the key from Bode. Nina asks about the timeshift key, but Duncan doesn’t have time to answer questions. Instead, he hands her the key and tells her to keep it away from Bode. But is it Nina that we should be worried about using the timeshift key?

The Ending

Meanwhile, as the wedding starts, Captain Frederick Gideon, James, and Samuel lurk inside the house. Kinsey sings “How Long Will I Love You” as Duncan and Brian walk down the aisle. As the wedding celebrations are in full swing, Captain Frederick Gideon, James, and Samuel search for keys, finding the Plant key. After Bode gives his best man speech, Tyler has deja vu when he spots a key hanging around Kinsey’s neck. After Kinsey makes Tyler a drink, Tyler remembers everything. Kinsey tells Bode that all he has to do is allow her to use the memory key on him, and it’ll be ok. But Bode doesn’t want to remember. 

When Tyler goes inside to cool off, he stumbles across James and Samuel. They beat Tyler up, but Kinsey comes to his rescue. However, Captain Frederick Gideon is able to free James and Samuel; and the three men get away by using the Anywhere key before Tyler and Kinsey can chain them up. Once Duncan and Brian leave for their honeymoon, Bode spots Nina and Josh kissing. With Tyler under the impression that the three men were intruders, he decides to stay around a few more days.

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