The Resort season 1, episode 5 recap – “El Espejo”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 11, 2022
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On the whole, the fifth episode of The Resort is a mixture of heartbreak, humor, and mystery. It’s the show near its best, and while a certain plot twist may alienate some viewers, it’s best to keep an open mind and enjoy the show for what it is.

This recap of the Peacock series The Resort season 1, episode 5, “El Espejo,” contains spoilers.

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The Resort season 1, episode 5 recap 

“This isn’t the end; the second half is a heartbreaker, man.”

A naked Alex is in his room, and he sniffs a pair of size 30 pants (aka Sam’s pants) that are on the floor. Whilst Alex next goes into the closet, he doesn’t see Sam and Violet. The loved-up couple tries to escape but finds that they are locked in. In 2022, Emma, Noah, Baltasar, and Luna try to work out why Emma and Noah are in the painting, whilst Baltasar summarises that this all started with a photo of a p***s on Sam’s girlfriend’s phone. When Baltasar asks if Noah and Emma searched the area where they found the phone, he calls them stupid detectives when they say no.

In the 2007 timeline, Alex asks Sam and Violet what they like about the resort; when Alex checks through their belongings, he reacts strangely to Violet’s book. In the present timeline, whilst Baltasar claims to be asking questions about the case, he seems to be prying more into the state of Emma and Noah’s relationship. Baltasar says that the common dominator with this case is “loss”, and he says he can tell Emma has experienced loss by the look in her eyes. Although Emma doesn’t say what her loss is, she and Noah do agree to go look for more evidence with Baltasar and Luna the following day.

The ending

Back in the year 2007, Alex believes that Violet’s book is about him. And rather suddenly, he kicks open a wall and slides down a pole. Next thing we see on The Resort is Alex driving Sam and Violet somewhere. It then cuts back to the present day, and the gang of four are searching for evidence, although they decide to split up, with Emma going with Baltasar and Noah going with Luna. When it cuts to 2007, Sam asks Violet whether they should ditch Alex, but Violet doesn’t want to lose her book. 

As they search for the evidence, it becomes clear that Emma and Noah suffered the loss of a child; this is a very heartbreaking scene that makes you choke up. Back in 2007, Sam and Violet are left stranded when Alex ditches them and takes their phones with them. When Noah thinks Emma has hurt herself, he trips over and finds a second phone; one that Alex hid under some leaves before the hurricane. But as Alex stands in the spot where he left the phone, he hears a noise and runs off. That noise is Emma as she crashes off her bike. So does this mean that time travel exists in The Resort?

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