Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1, episode 8 recap – “Bad Blood”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 18, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish, the lead-up to learning who A will be is proving to be an exciting one. There are dark storylines, sinister tones, and a truly horrifying vibe throughout. Is Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin going to prove it’s better than the original? So far, it looks like it. 

This recap of the HBO Max series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1, episode 8, “Bad Blood,” contains spoilers.

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1, episode 8 recap 

The Liars freak out over Tyler’s murder and speculate about what to do next. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin cuts to 1999, and she confides to her “friends” that someone raped her. But it doesn’t look like they supported Angela. Imogen and Tabby visit Joseph once again; they want help identifying the sixth signature who was visiting Angela’s mother in Rosewood. Joseph tells Imogen to drop the investigation, or they’ll regret it. Later, Imogen wonders whether she’ll be able to identify the signature from her mother’s Yearbook. 

It’s Thanksgiving week! Imogen tells Kelly about her rape, but only so they get the blood from all of the boys in school and use it to ID the person who raped her. With Mouse’s parents seemingly separated, at least for now, Mouse begs her Mom, Elodie, to open up. So, with no other choice, Mouse tracks down her birth certificate and learns that her father’s name is Aaron Stevens. Kelly allows the Liars to go through with their plan to get everyone’s blood. Tabby’s movie about rape gets rejected by the school due to its dark nature. 

Noa learns that the football team will not give blood as many of them take steroids. So the Liars decide to take swaps from their football gear. The Liar’s Mothers meet and discuss what their daughters are doing. Mouse toys with the idea of meeting her father, and it seems that she settles on deciding to meet him. When Wes learns that Tabby’s film has been turned down, he convinces her to make two films; one for the school and one for herself. Whilst Imogen is at a soup kitchen she has a flashback to her Mom possibly speaking to Rose Waters, Angela’s Mom, at a soup kitchen. She and Tabby are unaware as Sidney, Tabby’s Mom, listens to them gossiping. 

After getting the blood/swabs, the Liars and Kelly learn that it’ll be two weeks before they’ll get the results. So, seemingly forgetting that there’s a serial killer on the prowl, they all go dancing in a seedy club. When Kelly returns home at 2am, her father, Sheriff Beasley, questions where she’s been. But in return, she asks where he’s been, and a smirk appears on her face as she walks away. Sidney has found Tabby’s laptop and the recorded footage of the boy’s dressing room; it leads to a brief argument, and Tabby tells her Mom to ask her whatever it is she wants to know. But Sidney remains quiet.

The ending

On the day of Thanksgiving, Noa goes to see her father; but she’s shocked to learn he has a family. She speaks to him privately, but he tells her to leave. Tyler’s father bombards Tabby and accuses her of something to do with Tyler’s disappearance. When Imogen searches for Rose, she finds what we assume to be her body. But when she tries to leave, Joseph walks in on her. Imogen tries to hide but screams when she finds another body, this one badly decomposed. She hits Joseph over the head and flees for her life.

Sidney asks Tabby if Tyler “hurt” her; Tabby tells her no, but she reveals that someone did attack her. Sidney bursts into tears and hugs her daughter. Meanwhile, Kelly makes out with Greg; but she has one request, to call her Karen. After Imogen tells the Liars what happened with Joseph, they decide to return to the house with knives. But once they get there, the bodies are gone. Joseph, however, has killed himself. In the note that he left, it reads, “Angela Waters did not die in vain”. As the episode comes to a close, Imogen sees her Mom’s Yearbook among Joseph’s belongings. And when they check the signatures, Joseph’s matches the sixth signature. Angela questions whether Jospeh could be A; could it be that simple? Tabby says it never is. 

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