Partner Track season 1 – who is Jeff Murphy?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 27, 2022
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This article, “who is Jeff Murphy,” contains significant spoilers about the Netflix series Partner Track season 1.

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Partner Track season 1 – who is Jeff Murphy?

In the running for the role as one of the partners for Parson Valentines, Jeff is among Ingrid’s biggest competitors during the first season of Partner Track season one. But they also share a steamy past. After a wedding and far too many drinks, Jeff and Ingrid spent the night together. Whilst Ingrid clearly remembers Jeff is not giving anything away. 

Although he comes across as a bit of an ass in the beginning episode of the season, he starts to show a warmer side the more time that he spends with Ingrid. But when the season concludes, does Jeff prove that underneath it all, he is just a selfish scumbag who will do anything to succeed?

What does Jeff Murphy do in Partner Track Season 1?

After bumping into Ingrid, she clearly remembers spending the night with him. Jeff, on the other hand, acts as though nothing happened between them. So has he forgotten? Nope! He’s just playing with her. And at the end of the first episode, he reveals that he remembers all. But his attempts to flirt, at least at first, fail. Why? Because Ingrid is seemingly in a committed relationship with Nick Laren.

Even so, Jeff shows a lack of respect and tries to belittle Nick, even if it’s just by getting his name wrong. Whilst he and Ingrid are on a private plane together, they bond over their shared feeling of not liking being out of control. Eventually, one thing leads to another, and Jeff and Ingrid are sleeping together. And once Nick catches Jeff and Ingrid together, Jeff and Ingrid are free to date. 

As it draws nearer to the announcement of who made partner, Jeff tells Ingrid that he knows she deserves the role way more than him. What that may be true, Jeff gets chosen as a partner alongside Dan and Hunter. Despite acting as outraged as Ingrid, it soon becomes it’s not as it seems. At the end of the season, Ingrid learns that Jeff destroyed Ingrid’s chance of making partner by informing their boss that she got arrested. Well! It looks like Jeff isn’t as nice as he seems. 

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