Partner Track season 1 – who is Ingrid Yun?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 26, 2022
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This article, “who is Ingrid Yun”, contains significant spoilers about season 1 of the Netflix series Partner Track.

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Partner Track season 1 – who is Ingrid Yun?

Ingrid is an ambitious, career driven, and slightly hopeless romantic desperate to gain the well-desired role of partner at Parsons Valentines. As she’s the first lawyer in her family, there’s a lot of expectation of her. Something she knows very well. And whilst that proves to be very draining on her, her sister, Lina, has grown sick of living in Ingrid’s shadow. But above all, Ingrid’s main story in Partner Track comes from her aim to become partner. Does she manage to achieve that goal?

What does Ingrid Yun do in Partner Track Season 1?

After Ingrid decides to try and make partner, she learns that Jeff is also in the running. It’s an awkward encounter for Ingrid, given that she’s previously slept with him. But that’s just one side of the cube. After she meets Nick Laren, a romance between the pair soon starts. And it moves fast! It’s not long before they move in with each other (although that can be mainly blamed on Lina accidentally starting a fire in Ingrid’s apartment). If that wasn’t enough, Nick proposes to Ingrid. Whilst she accepts, it’s likely proving to be too much too soon. Why do I say that? Because she sleeps with Jeff.

When Nick catches her and Jeff in a compromising situation, their engagement is soon over. Whilst that door seems fairly shut, Ingrid remains confident that she’ll be offered the position of partner. And in a twisted way, she deserves it, as her drive to please her boss almost costs her friendships with Rachel and Tyler. Was it worth it? No. When it comes down to it, Ingrid doesn’t get the role she worked so hard for. 

As a result, she quits her job with Parsons Valentines. But she sure makes sure her boss doesn’t get the last laugh. In revenge, she works hard to ensure she loses his role as chairman. But in the aftermath, she learns that her boss didn’t choose her as a partner as he learnt that she had been arrested. And how did he know? Because Jeff had told him. 

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