Five Reasons to Watch the documentary series Super/Natural

September 17, 2022
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the Disney+ documentary Super/Natural (2022) and does not contain any spoilers. 

For anyone who watches television, whether that’s through a streaming service or through terrestrial TV, it’s apparent that we all are deeply interested in watching documentaries and series about our ever-changing, vast planet. There have been so many amazing documentaries about our wildlife, sealife, space, and conservations from in the wild to at home in a zoo, and audiences can’t get enough. 

In each one there is always something new and fascinating to watch. Although, with there being so many, I do question, what else is there? I’m sure there is so much I don’t know and haven’t seen, but what? Could it be a new spider and its survival skills, could it be the ways in which the landscapes are changing at an alarming rate, or could it be how we as humans are affecting the planet? What does this new Super/Natural documentary have to offer, and why should we watch it?  

5 Reasons to Watch Super/Natural   

Reason 1: Its executive producer is James Cameron 

James Cameron is a Canadian, multi-award-winning director, known famously for making science fiction and epic films, such as The Terminator, Avatar, and The Titanic.  

Therefore, your expectations should be high. Cameron has a large imagination and budget, so this documentary might be the most outstanding one we’ve seen yet. I don’t think he’d produce and put his name to something that wasn’t going to be special and influential.  

Reason 2: It’s narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.  

Brilliant, British star Benedict is the latest celebrity to narrate a wild-life nature documentary. This is with the hopes of attracting more audiences, because who doesn’t want to hear Dr. Strange or Dr. Hyde talk about the planet? Cumberbatch does have a clear, monotone voice, sort of like a teacher. His low, soothing tones will guide you through this documentary, and I’m sure there’ll be some funny comments throughout.  

Reason 3: Educational Value  

Not only will this be jaw-dropping to see, but it will also be informative and educational to watch, hopefully teaching you things you didn’t know before. 

Reason 4: Something for the family  

This is a family-friendly documentary and something everyone of all ages can watch and enjoy. Snuggle up on the sofa together, although I’m sure some parts will have you on the edge of your seats.  

Reason 5: Nothing is what it seems 

The content of this documentary sounds magical and extraordinary. Whilst we’re used to documentaries showing us nature, lands, and the seas, here we’re going beyond what appears to be ordinary and seeing what creatures possess superpowers.  

In this documentary, you will find trees that can talk to each other (very The Lord of the Rings), owls that hiss like snakes as a survival technique, and bees that work as a team to cook their enemies alive. Sounds intense. Beyond our imagination and perception, we will be shown where the impossible is possible. Nature, like you’ve never seen it before.   

You will be able to watch this series with a subscription to Disney + 

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