7 series like Love is Blind you must watch

September 24, 2022
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This article discusses 7 series like the Netflix reality show Love is Blind that you must watch.

The Netflix reality dating show Love is Blind just finished its three episodes of Season 2’s After The Altar special, and next month, we’re in for a treat of a new season, set to premiere on Netflix on the 19th of October. As far as dating reality TV shows go, Love is Blind has it all: blind dates, weddings, and epic fights. It’s fun to watch with interesting contestants we all love to hate. However, if you can’t get enough of the cattiness, here are 7 other series you must binge that are just like Love is Blind.

Like For Like – 7 series like Love is Blind you must watch

Love Is Blind: Brazil (2021)

If you’re feeling a little lost after you finished binging all episodes of Love is Blind, here’s some good news. The show has been adapted by Brazil, it’s on Netflix, and you can watch a whole new group of couples trying to find their one true love. As a bonus, they all speak Portuguese, and some might argue that’s the true language of love. 

Too Hot to Handle (2020)

Too Hot to Handle tries to take away the spiciness from reality TV dating shows. The contestants are there to win some money and find love. However, there’s a big catch: they must get to know each other without engaging in any type of intimacy. That means physical touching and kissing are strictly off-limits. 

Love Island (2015)

As one of the most watched reality shows to ever grace the small screen, Love Island’s 8 seasons are full of drama, cat fights, and pure trashiness. The show has been the subject of many controversies, has been adapted by 22 other countries, and its concept is simple yet very effective: Put a bunch of attractive people in a luxury villa, give them unlimited alcohol and turn on the cameras. 

Married at First Sight Australia (2015)

While the U.S. version of Married at First Sight was the first to introduce the strange concept to audiences, the Aussie adaptation skyrocketed the dramatics to a whole new level. This beauty of a series has absolutely everything you need for a satisfying binge session: weddings, unhappy brides and grooms, cheating scandals and even a bit of true love peppered in. It cannot be missed. 

The Bachelor (2002)

The Bachelor needs no introduction. It is the dating show that started all dating shows and is still going strong after more than two decades on the air. The premise is about a single guy who’s dating tens of women and giving them roses. The series wrapped up its 26th season this year and a 27th will debut next year. 

Temptation Island (2001)

Temptation Island follows couples as they have to resist the urge to cheat on each other. The show makes it hard by forcing the couples to live on an isolated island with a group of attractive single people. Queue cheating and drama. The show had an initial run between 2001 and 2003 before it was revived in 2019. 

90 Day Fiancé

Unlike most series on this list, this one isn’t a dating show per se. Instead, it follows American citizens and their foreign lovers who entered the country on the so-called fiancé visa. The stringent visa rules give these couples less than three months to tie the knot before the immigration system separates them. It’s a hugely entertaining show about mismatched couples and the lengths some are willing to go to for love.

Do you have any other recommendations for series like Love is Blind? Let us know!

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