Rainbow 2 – will there be a sequel to Rainbow?

October 1, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be a Rainbow 2, a sequel to the Netflix film Rainbow (2022), and will contain spoilers.

Rainbow is a new Spanish film by the director Paco León. Inspired by L. Frank Braum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, this is a modern retelling seen through an LGBTQ+ lens. The story revolves around Dora, a teenage girl of a single parent who has never met her mother. One day, after hearing rumors, she looks like her mother. Dora remembers a woman who visited when she was 11 years old and looked like her and found her father lied to her that she was still alive. Dora then leaves on a stormy night looking for her mother and encounters many interesting characters along the way.

Rainbow (2022) potential sequel release date

Rainbow is now streaming on Netflix on Friday, September 30th, 2022. The film currently has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Our film critic M.N. Miller says Rainbow is “…one of the most misguided and convoluted films in recent memory.” However, that’s never been an issue for Netflix before. Or other significant studios from dialing up an endless amount of clunkers. If the film has lasting legs on Netflix and is a hit internationally, with the modern themes of empowering women and the LGBTQ+ community, we could see a sequel by the fall of 2024.

Rainbow (2022) sequel cast – who can be in it?

The only actor, Carmen Maura, who played Coco Cabrera, cannot be back for a sequel because her character was killed off. She was poisoned by her love, Maribel. Here is the rest of the cast that could find their way onto a sequel:

Rainbow (2022) sequel plot – what can Rainbow 2 be about?

Rainbow can go the Journey Back to Oz route with Journey Back to Capital City. Dora could have gone on a trip to see the world but returned. Why? To save the city from a Wicked Witch/Aunt (played by Carmen Maua, a twin sister), who is attacking the city. Now, the 1972 film had a heard of treacherous green elephants, and Dorothy was taken AGAIN, but a tornado. Let’s say our Dora pulls a Doc from Back to the Future and times the perfect storm that will take her back. And Coco’s twin, Cocoa, is now attacking the capital city with sizeable green dump trucks to wipe out the area.

How about a prequel idea? That story has loads of potential, considering what we found out about Pilar, her relationship with Mr. W., and having to leave Dora behind. How fascinating would it be to explore the actions and human drama of giving up your child so they can have a better life? The story could also explore LGBTQ+ issues of Coco and Maribel, having to hide their relationship, and the abuse from Coco’s husband that led to her becoming a sociopath later in life. The story could explore Muneco’s fall into his anxiety-ridden mental health instability. And, of course, Akin is coming out and his conflict with his family.

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