Reasonable Doubt season 1, episode 6 recap – “Renegade”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 25, 2022 (Last updated: January 27, 2024)
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Back to its unpredictable nature, the sixth episode of Reasonable Doubt provides more questions than answers. But that is something that its core audience will love.

We recap the Hulu series Reasonable Doubt season 1, episode 6, “Renegade,” which contains spoilers.

Reasonable Doubt season 1, episode 5 ended with Jax (played by Emayatzy Corinealdi) calling either Damon (played by Michael Ealy) or Lewis (played by McKinley Freeman) and inviting them around to her place. So who did she call? I had my previous predictions, but was I right? And will there be any more twists in the world of Reasonable Doubt? If there are, will any of those twists hint at who could be responsible for Kaleesha’s death? Read the recap and find out.

Reasonable Doubt season 1, episode 6

The episode begins with Damon in Jax’s house, and it soon cuts to them making out with each other. The following day, Jax jumps straight into Brayden’s trial. During the day, and after a conversation with Lewis, she has flashbacks to when she had sex with Damon. So, it seems that because Damon is constantly on her mind, she wants to book a staycation with Damon. Jax vents to her friends about having sex with Damon in the place that she still sees as “hers and Lewis’ home”.

Next, the trial continues. Afterward, Sarah meets up with Ryan, the same man who knows she sent emails to Kaleesha. Sarah is desperate for those emails to remain hidden as they not only show her in a negative light but reveal that she knew about the affair long before Brayden confessed to her. But Ryan has no sympathy. Instead, he mutters that rich people always try and use money to remove their problems.

When Jax goes to the hotel, Damon goes all romantic with her; he has flowers on the bed and runs a bath for her. But he doesn’t want to stay with her. He says that the reason is that it’s not about him; instead, it’s all about Jax. But when she makes a “joke” about him not being allowed near her friends, Damon takes it the wrong way and practically puts the phone down on her. After an eventful party, Brayden learns that Kaleesha was stealing from the company. But it seems to his business partner, Theo, that Brayden still loves Kaleesha in spite of the mini reveal. But did Brayden love Kaleesha so much that he snapped and killed her?

The ending

Next, we see Brayden hand Jax the evidence that shows Kaleesha was stealing from him. Jax then informs him that as she has Kaleesha’s laptop, she has a legal right to hand it to the prosecution. So she asks Brayden, for the final time, what Kaleesha was going to reveal. Reluctantly, Brayden reveals that Theo overvalued the company, and since Kaleesha was stealing from the company, the company is actually worth a lot less than he initially thought. During dinner with Damon, Jax’s mind is elsewhere, and she asks him if they can get the dinner to go. But when he wants to make plans with her, she blows him off. Therefore, Damon finally asks her what she wants. But even she doesn’t know.

Sarah visits Ryan, and he accuses her of leaking information related to his mental health. But when Sarah tells him that she thinks he doesn’t want Brayden to go to jail for killing Kaleesha, but rather because he slept with her, Ryan pretty much admits it. In the next few seconds, Sarah performs oral s*x on him. And, as Jax suggested, Brayden decides to keep Theo close. When Sarah returns home, Brayden asks her, “what the fu*k are you up to?”

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