Reasonable Doubt season 1, episode 5 recap – “So Ambitious”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 18, 2022 (Last updated: January 27, 2024)
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Reasonable Doubt season 1, episode 5 recap - "So Ambitious"


The flashback episode doesn’t feel completely necessary, mainly because we know exactly how the story will play out. In spite of that, it’s fun to see how much Jax wanted to free Damon. And as viewers, we also learn how she and Lewis met.

This recap of the Hulu series Reasonable Doubt season 1, episode 5, “So Ambitious,” contains spoilers.

In this episode of Reasonable Doubtthe story takes us back to 2007 when Jax had just decided to represent Damon. What to know what happened? Read the below recap.

Reasonable Doubt season 1, episode 5 recap

In 2007, Jax is defending Hector, and she’s desperate to win the trial. She then goes to visit Damon in prison for the first time. Jax tells Damon that he has two options, go to trial or enter a plea. As she digs further into the case, she learns that the knife, the murder weapon, belonged to Damon. As a result, Jax tells Damon that the best option for him would be to enter a plea deal. However, Damon, who continues to maintain his innocence, does not want to take the deal.

Meanwhile, Jax’s mom pushes her to “get a man”. Later, when Jax meets Damon once again, she admits that she believes that he is innocent and admires his desire to fight the system. As there’s a clock on the plea deal, Jax warns Damon that he doesn’t have long left before he has to make a decision. Damon mentions how his mom died of an overdose, and Jax then reveals that her father was an addict. As the two of them start to form a friendship, Jax tells Damon that he should fight for his innocence.

Jax’s friends sense that she is starting to develop feelings for Damon. Damon’s trial begins, and it’s not looking like it’s going to end in Damon’s favor. Then, in the middle of the night, Damon calls Jax from his burner phone. They have a bit of a heart-to-heart, and Jax reveals that as her friend’s wedding gets nearer, she feels that everyone she knows is settling down. When Jax asks what Damon is thinking about, he says that she is all she can think about. And so, Jax and Damon have phone sex.

The ending

Jax learns that her Mom is considering getting back with her father. During the trial, Jax meets CJ, Damon’s brother, for the first time. The trial continues, and Damon tries to convince the jury of his innocence. And when it gets heated, Damon loses his temper; will that moment mean the jury believes he could be guilty of murder? Jax later adds that Damon has no prior convictions, nor has he got a history of violence. She tries to get the jury to believe that the best thing to do would be to acquit Damon.

But as we know, Damon is found guilty of second-degree murder. As he gets taken down, Jax tells him that she’s sorry. Afterward, she breaks down into tears. She visits him in prison and tells him that they should appeal the verdict, and this time she doesn’t want to play by the rules. But Damon isn’t interested in that, and he claims that it’s now his time to serve. He tells Jax that he will always remember her, although he expects that she will one day forget who he is. As Jax drives away, her mind clearly elsewhere, she crashes her car. And who has she crashed into? None other than Lewis.

At the end of the episode, and presumably, in the present timeline, she has missed calls from both Lewis and Damon. She calls one of them, although it’s kept from the viewers who it is that she called.

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