Falling for Christmas ending explained – will Sierra get her memory back and remember her feelings for Jake?

November 10, 2022
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We discuss the ending of the Netflix film Falling for Christmas, which will contain significant spoilers.

Very much the type of Christmas movie one expects from Netflix by this point, Janeen Damien’s Falling for Christmas is pretty much Overboard in a Christmas setting, but with some of the more questionable plot points jettisoned in favour of a more snowy and picturesque rom-com complete with Lindsay Lohan returning to the type of film that populated so much of her work in the mid-2000s. There is nothing new or original here, and it very much plays into the mold of every other Netflix Christmas movie you can think of that has been produced by Brad Krevoy, but as always, resistance is sometimes futile to the cheesy charms of a film like this even if it isn’t that good.

Falling for Christmas ending explained

You can tell that Sierra’s memory will return at the worst possible moment and, sure enough, Tad and her father show up at Jake’s lodge, The North Star, during his fundraiser just when it appears that both he and Sierra might be realising their feelings for one another. Tad gives her back the somewhat ill-fitting engagement ring from earlier in the movie, and upon getting her memories back returns to the hotel with her father and Tad after saying her goodbyes to Jake and his daughter.

Upon returning, Sierra is a different person to the one her staff were used to before; she makes her own bed, rejects caviar and champagne, wants to wear something less dressy and more in line with Christmas, and even makes her own breakfast. After a press conference were Tad announces their engagement, which is watched by Jake and his family, Sierra soon realises she doesn’t love Tad and hands back his ring, telling him she isn’t ready for it yet even though she thought she was, and that he’ll be over it by New Year’s. He asks if he can post something about it on his social media page because his followers will love it and ‘there is nothing like a break-up to add to your numbers’. As Sierra leaves, her assistant Terry hands Tad his coat at which point Tad asks him if he has any plans for New Year’s.

Back at The North Star, Jake and his daughter find a sleigh that his daughter wanted but was too expensive and finds that it has been delivered anonymously. They ride the sleigh into town for a good old fashioned romantic comedy mad dash so Jake can declare his feelings for Sierra. When they get to the hotel, Jake sees Tad getting into a limousine and runs over to it, telling the blacked out window thinking that Sierra is in there how he feels, only for the window to roll down to reveal Tad and Terry.

At the end of Falling for Christmas, Jake soon finds Sierra near the hotel Christmas tree, thanks to the help of the friendly Santa Claus figure who has appeared throughout the movie. Sierra tells Jake there has been a change of plans and that she is staying. Jake tells her that The North Star has sold out for the Christmas season and Sierra offers to help him run it, and that her dad wants to help with investing in it. Sierra then asks him if he would like to spend the holidays with her, at which point he takes out some mistletoe for a tradition. Sierra throws it away and then kisses him. The music swirls as they kiss, and they are soon joined by Sierra’s dad as the Santa Claus figure (who is most likely Santa) watches from a distance. Sierra exclaims that it’s a Christmas they will never forget.

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