The English – who are the cast and characters?

By Marc Miller
Published: November 11, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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Who are the Cast and Characters in The English? In anticipation of the western drama series, we break down the cast and characters. This article contains spoilers.

One of the strengths of The English is the deep bench of talented actors. Let’s look at the characters and the strong work of the cast. Enjoy!

The English – who are the cast and characters?

Emily Blunt as Cornelia Locke,

The award-winning actress Emily Blunt star of Mary Poppins Returns, Edge of Tomorrow, and The Quiet Place films plays Cornelia Locke, a woman who travels from London to America to murder the man that killed her son. However, Cornelia has secrets that involve her mission to avenge her child, which may be more complicated than she lets on.

Chaske Spencer as Eli Whipp

Perhaps best known for playing Sam Uley in the Twilight franchise and star of Banshee, Blindspot, and Jessica Jones, Chaske Spencer plays Eli Whipp, a former Pawnee scout in the United States Military who has been labeled a traitor by his people. Whipp shares a history with some of the men in Wyoming, with whom Blunt’s Locke has her own issues.

Ciarán Hinds as Richard Watts

Ciaran Hinds, who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Belfast, plays Richard Watt, a man with a habit of abusing women and a taste for rocky mountain oysters who has a hidden and treacherous agenda of being paid to deal with Blunt’s Cornelia and using Spencer’s Whipp as a patsy.

Rafe Spall as Dennis Melmont

Dennis Melmont is an English hired hand and muscle for Thomas Trafford. Played by Just Mercy’s Rafe Spall, Melmont has the most personality of the cast of treacherous characters. He is brutal, conniving, and exceedingly bright, all with a healthy dose of panache. If you like your villains with personality, Melmont is the character for you.

Toby Jones as Sebold Cusk

The esteemed Toby Jones (Empire of Light, The Wonder) plays Sebold Cusk. He is a coach driver connected to the series’ main villain and Richard Watts, the hotel owner. Cusk drives Cornelia out to a desolate prairie hotel as she makes her way to Powder River, Wyoming, to avenge her son’s death. Cusk is part of a larger plan involving undercutting Cornelia’s road trip of revenge.

Tom Hughes as Thomas Trafford

The dashing Tom Hughes (Infinite) plays Thomas Trafford, an ambitious Englishman who travels to America to fill up the Great Plains with a sea of black cattle. Hughes is a naive and baby-faced newcomer to the West as he seeks fortune and adventure but gets darker than he bargained for.

Stephen Rea as The Sheriff

The Crying Games and V for Vendetta’s Stephen Rea plays the Sheriff of Powder River, Wyoming. Things are strange in the area since a wealthy businessman returns to build a town over Cheyenne land. Someone is killing pregnant cattle, men are shooting their wives, residents are being strung up, and many have mystery brands on their bodies.

Gary Farmer and Kimberly Guerrero as The Clarkes

Gary Farmer (Smoke Signals) and Kimberly Guerrero (Yellowstone) play the Clarkes. A Christian couple takes in Cornelia and Whipp on their way north to Wyoming. Despite their generosity and God-fearing nature, the couple is odd. What are their connections to the bushwackers and hucksters in the area? How are they surviving the harsh winter?

And that’s it! The main cast and characters in the series The English. What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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