Dead to Me season 3, episode 6 recap – who is the father of Jen’s baby?

November 17, 2022
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Watching Applegate and Cardellini give their best career performances is an absolute joy.

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Watching Applegate and Cardellini give their best career performances is an absolute joy.

We recap the Netflix series Dead to Me season 3, episode 6, “We’re Gonna Beat This Thing,” which contains spoilers.

As we have gone over the hump day in Dead to Me’s third season, Jen (Christina Applegate) begins to take care of Judy (Linda Cardellini) as she starts her cancer treatment. This brings back memories for Jen, dealing with her mother’s treatment and eventual passing when she was only nineteen years old. Yet, all the drama gives way to moments of light comedy and the season’s biggest plot twist.

Dead to Me season 3, episode 6 recap

Judy has moved into Charlie’s room because of her cancer diagnosis. Jen will tend to her, and Charlie has moved into the guest pool house in the back. While Jen takes Judy to chemo, the patient has concluded that she will go into menopause once her chemo starts, ending her dream of having children.

Nate is on the case after talking to Ben. He now knows the bird comes from Jen’s home. So, he goes out and finds the bird in a store, putting it together that this must be the murder weapon. He goes to Detective Perez about it, who knows what happened, and helping cover Steve’s murder up has jeopardized her career. When Detective Perez confronts Jen about it, Jen begins to cry and tells her about Judy’s stage four cervical cancer that has spread to her liver.

Meanwhile, Jen is overcome with worry and anxiety over Judy’s cancer treatment. Charlie and Judy bond when she offers him cannabis gummies in a trade for one extra pillow. Judy has now gone through three months of chemo, and nurse Francine has been a great comfort to her. They get to know each other, and Judy finds out Francine died of a massive heart attack on the last day of her chemo treatment.

Jen convinces her friend not to mourn Francine but to celebrate that her cancer treatment has been completed. They do a lot of shrooms. I mean, a whole lot. A montage of them acting like dumb teenagers who are as high as kites plays out for several minutes. It doesn’t help later, their shrooms kick in, and she sees her mom in the mirror, dying of cancer again. Jen has her son Charlie take her to the hospital.

In a parent of the year move, she leaves Judy, who is also high on shrooms, to watch her youngest son, Henry. Though we then witness one of the sweetest moments in the show’s history. Henry had Jen and Judy make all those cranes because a book says you send them away to make a wish for Christ. Except, Henry wants them to make wishes for Judy’s recovery. Why? Because she is like a second mom to him.

Dead to Me season 3, episode 6 ending – who is the father of Jen’s baby?

Dead to Me season 3, episode 6 ends with two significant developments. While doing his due diligence, Nate goes through security footage and finds Charlie driving the car that hit Judy and Jen. If you remember, it was Charlie who drove Ben to the hospital in that very car later that day.

Finally, while at the hospital being treated for taking shrooms, the doctor tells Jen that she is pregnant. So, that leaves us with only one question. Who is the father of Jen’s baby?

I’m not sure what medicinal mushrooms can do to a baby, but unfortunately, there is no season four, so we may never find out.

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