Under the Queen’s Umbrella season 1, episode 13 recap – who is the father of the new child of the palace?

November 27, 2022 (Last updated: December 4, 2022)
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An exciting installment that is starting to set up an ambitious climax.

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An exciting installment that is starting to set up an ambitious climax.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Under the Queen’s Umbrella season 1, episode 13, which contains spoilers.

Judging by this episode, Under the Queen’s Umbrella are going to try and pull off a highly ambitious ending. With dynamics still changing, characters being reintroduced, and allegiances soon to be tested, there’s a lot going on inside and outside the palace. With the focus most likely now shifting onto the King’s position, it’ll be exciting to watch some unlikely partnerships take shape as we head towards the show’s climax.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella season 1, episode 13 recap

Picking up where we left off, the Queen questions the audacity of Cho-wol for bringing her baby to the palace. The former courtesan isn’t particularly fussed about answering any queries about the out of wedlock newborn though, and instead wants to drop off the child before it can properly recognise her face. Meanwhile, Cheong-ha deliberates why Crown Prince Seongnam could have left her alone on their wedding night, theorising he may not know “how to make love.”

Next, Grand Prince Muan finds out about his child, but disregards the potential controversy the newborn could cause in favour of wanting the departed Cho-wol to be looked for. The royal even suggests he secretly looks after the baby, ready to take responsibility so long as the Queen agrees to it. Her Majesty does, though subsequently storms off in seemingly silent anger.

After watching Grand Prince Muan struggle to take care of his child, we cut to Crown Prince Seongnam. Here, he is sat reflecting on the relationship he has with his newly married wife, wondering about her connection to Queen Dowager Cho. Later, Seongnam refuses to answer Cheong-ha when she asks him why he left her alone, with the King’s heir abruptly asking his partner to announce their arrival for their paying of respect.

While the newlyweds are paying respects, Queen Dowager Cho tells the couple she has heard rumours of Crown Prince Seongnam leaving the Crown Princess’s quarters the previous night. Fortunately, Cheong-ha covers for her husband, stating that he did indeed depart, though only for a short while prior to returning. Elsewhere, the Queen hears of what happened with the heir to the throne, so asks for him to see her at the culmination of his evening lessons.

As Grand Prince Muan continues to face difficulties in raising his child, Cheong-ha asks the Queen if she would know why Seongnam left her alone. Her Majesty has no particular insight, yet once more a conversation erupts on a lack of sex education being the reason for the Crown Prince’s lack of marriage consummation.

When needing to enlist the help of Court Lady Shin, Grand Prince Muan realises he needs to ask his mother for temporary assistance raising his child. So he does, explaining that he has been unable to “eat, sleep or relieve myself” since yesterday, before rushing off, his baby left in the arms of the Queen.

Despite Won-hyeong’s best efforts to intervene, the King (with the backing of other court officials) places the Crown Prince in charge of reforming Uichang, hoping the “innovative” thinker can weed out the corruption. Meanwhile, Seongnam discovers a note left inside a book belonging to his deceased brother when looking for information on relief policy and price regulation, but we do not get to see the contents of it just yet.

After the Queen finally manages to put Grand Prince Muan’s daughter to bed, the two talk about the child’s similarity to her light-sleeping father. Here, the royal admits to feeling bad that his baby will grow up without a mother. Concurrently, Uiseong determinedly walks around outside unaccompanied, clearly up to something. Later, this is confirmed to be so he can attend a meeting with Master Toji and Physician Kwon, who are asking the son of Consort Hwang to join their treacherous group aiming to usurp the King, promising that he will become the Crown Prince.

Next, the Queen and Crown Prince get a chance to talk. Her Majesty wants to know why the Crown Princess was left alone on her wedding day, and confirms to a relieved Seongnam that she was the one who selected Cheong-ha to be his wife. “Therefore, you need to protect and cherish her,” Hwa-ryeong adds, wanting her son to acknowledge his wife is in the palace because she loves him.

Then, the mood turns sober. Crown Prince Seongnam passes his mother what he believes is part of his late brother’s treatment journal, an item which shows Physician Kwon treated more than just hyeolheogwol. As such, the Queen rushes to piece things together, discovering that her deceased son’s acupuncture treatment on gimunhyeol caused increased rib pain and the coughing up of blood.

At first, the Queen admits she wasn’t suspicious of the acupuncture, understanding it was part of the treatment process for hyeolheogwol. However, Seongnam points out he was told that “depending on the depth of the needle, it can also damage the organ.” Thus, Hwa-ryeong deduces that if her late son was murdered, Physician Kwon has to be the prime suspect despite his lack of motive, and that someone is likely behind his scheming.

As Physician Kwon is called back to the Kingdom, Won-hyeong worries alongside Consort Hwang over who was behind the action. It turns out it was the Queen who requested to the King that the shady doctor was reinstated, and that now she is hoping to tactically have her potential adversary join hands with her to reveal the “how and why” behind her eldest son’s death. Of course, the whole point of Hwa-ryeong’s plan is not to actually team up with Kwon, but rather have him bring the poison that killed the deceased Crown Prince to her instead. However, the villainous physician also believes he can use this situation as an opportunity for his group.

Following on from a scene showing the Crown Princess’ clumsy but warm attempt to create an opening for her and the Crown Prince to have some alone time, we watch as the other Grand Princes discover Muan’s child. Elsewhere, the Queen finds that a prescription written by an ex Royal Physician for Crown Prince Taein matches the one for outside medication used by her eldest son. Thus, she calls for Seongnam to come to her immediately.

When with the Crown Prince, the Queen notes that both prescriptions contain baekbokryeong and omae, two herbs seldom used for the treatment of hyeolheogwol. So, Her Majesty simply says they need to find Master Toji no matter what, obviously believing that may lead them closer to an answer on what happened. Meanwhile, Consort Hwang is gifted the poison used to kill the Crown Prince, which is a yungaek that doesn’t react to beopmul.

While the Queen tells Physician Kwon she has found Yoo Sang-uk, claiming he will be key to revealing the cause of death for her eldest son, Won-hyeong attempts to talk Uiseong out of committing treason. “The one they are trying to make King is Grand Prince Yeongwon,” the Chief State Councillor explains, before adding he was the one who killed the royal’s brothers to help His Majesty ascend. Yet Uiseong is adamant he is the one aiming straight for the throne, willing to ensure Grand Prince Yeongwon dies.

After the Grand Princes fuss over A-ra (the recently named child of Grand Prince Muan), we move forward to the next day. Here, the new father is struggling, upset that he can’t solve things on his own when needing to be assured by his mother that his baby isn’t unwell, just suffering from infantile colic. Thus, he requests Cho-wol is found, citing the need for A-ra to have a mother as the reason. Fortunately, the Queen had already thought ahead, and summons the child’s wet nurse (revealed to be Cho-wol) once she believes Muan will accept any consequences that may come his way. “Make sure you do not get caught. When the time is right, I will let you live without having to hide,” Her Majesty states.

Next, Crown Prince Seongnam confronts Master Toji on his disappearance, exposing the villain’s identity as Yoo Sang-uk. “I was afraid and distressed that I had to hide,” the Physician says on why he fled when hearing another Crown Prince had died from his treatment, though still he remains adamant his prescription was ethical.

Then, Crown Prince Seongnam produces the bokgeomsihheongdo (described as the drawing of the state of a dead body) of his brother, which massively shocks Master Toji. “This is too similar to the report of Crown Prince Taein, who was poisoned,” he says, pointing to the same method being used on both of the deceased heirs. Naturally, Seongnam is weary of this declaration, so asks why he should trust Yoo Sang-uk. “I am the one who examined the corpse of Crown Prince Taein” is the softly delivered response.

However, we soon watch a flashback show this is all part of Sang-uk’s wider plan. He wants to get caught on purpose to allow the Queen to dig into Crown Prince Taein’s death. In turn, they can follow behind her, piecing together the clues that will help their plan come together.

Back at the palace, the Queen and Crown Prince Seongnam know Master Toji is linked with Physician Kwon, given the former has fallen into Her Majesty’s trap willingly in the hopes of obtaining something. Still, Seongnam wants to look for a record in Seungjeognwon Ilgi that could point towards whether the late King was present in the observation of Taein’s corpse.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella season 1, episode 13 ending

Intrigued, the Queen states this could potentially help reveal the cause of death for her eldest son, but she looks torn over the fact obtaining this certificate would be breaking the law. Elsewhere, Consort Hwang fails to trick Queen Dowager Cho into drinking poison, an act which makes the elder push for an answer on who the real father of Uiseong is. Then, to end the episode, we watch as a hobbling Physician Kwon tearily greets his mother, the deposed Queen Yoon.

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