Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 10 recap – “Mob 2 ~Rival~”

By Nubia Brice
Published: December 8, 2022 (Last updated: February 3, 2024)
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Although it hurts to see Mob suffering, this episode delivered some much-needed action and emotion to pick the season back up after a few slower episodes.

We recap the Crunchyroll anime series Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 10, “Mob 2 ~Rival~,” which contains spoilers.

It’s been a long week for Mob Psycho 100 fans; wondering if the young esper would be okay after getting hit by a car. It hurts even worse knowing Mob (voiced by Setsuo Ito) is finally on his way to confess to his crush, Tsubomi (voiced by Uki Satake). Whether or not he’ll get the chance to speak to her remains to be seen, but we know from last week’s preview that Mob isn’t going out without a fight.

The story and action have been picking up as we approach the end of the series. It feels like everything has been leading up to this moment for Mob, and we can only hope that everything works out for him by the end.

Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 10 recap

As Mob lies bleeding in the street, bystanders begin to take notice and gather around. One man goes to call an ambulance, but his phone, and all other nearby electronics, start to glitch as he dials. Everyone feels uneasy, and suddenly, a crater appears around Mob’s body.

All around the city, people notice that something is off. The atmosphere is dark. Traffic is heavy. Phones aren’t working, and earthquake-like tremors are happening every few seconds. With each new tremor, more people begin to panic. For a brief moment, we see a glimpse of a foot taking a step that lines up with the sound of possible earthquakes. It appears to be Mob’s foot, but it is unclear.

At the Spirits and Such office, Reigen and Serizawa listen to evacuation orders on the news. Reports of accidents are up, but no one seems to know the cause of all the chaos. They feel bad knowing that Mob won’t get to ask Tsubomi out with all that is going on.

Back outside, a frantic police officer makes a call on his walkie. He reports the subject to be a middle school child in a uniform holding a bouquet. “He’s advancing as he destroys buildings around him,” the officer says, watching Mob enter the nearby forest in terror. No one answers him.

This is where viewers finally glimpse Mob, or at least whatever he’s become. A red aura surrounds his body, replacing his eyes with only vivid glares. He walks forward, holding tight to his bouquet, each step causing the ground to shake as the sound echoes through the trees. Mob is clearly on a path, and the only thing that seems to stop him is Hanazawa’s sudden appearance.

He notices that Mob seems to be destroying everything he touches and tries to offer to help, but Mob lets off a massive explosion instead. Hanazawa manages to protect himself and seems to notice something is wrong. He tries talking Mob down, even mentioning that it’s a good thing Mob ended up buying the flowers but that he’s in no state to deliver them. However, Mob counters with an even stronger blast that knocks Hanazawa off his feet and through several tree trunks.

Despite the pain, Hanazawa shoots up and attempts to restrain Mob with his scarf, but his efforts are futile, and Mob quickly escapes with another blast. He notices that this Mob is very similar to the emotionally challenged kid he first met and tries to encourage Mob to go home. When that doesn’t work, Hanazawa is forced to engage Mob in a psychic battle. He reflects on the person he was when he and Mob first met, as they go toe to toe. It isn’t until Hanazawa almost destroys the bouquet that he finally gets a real reaction from Mob. He wonders if destroying the flowers is the key to saving his friend and attempts to aim for them again, but this time Mob places a protective barrier around them. Upset, Mob takes Hanazawa by the throat and throws his body with enough force to send it careening halfway across the city into a building.

Slowly, Mob makes his way toward Hanazawa’s body. As he struggles to stand, Hanazawa begs Mob not to fight him in this new location, as there are still unevacuated civilians present. For a moment, Mob waits, but after Hanazawa jokes about how even Mob can go berserk, his anger seems to swell again. The immense power causes another crater to form at his feet as the debris floats up into the air. The power only seems to overflow around Mob as he launches chunks of concrete toward a devastated Hanazawa.

The stronger Mob gets, the more Hanazawa struggles to even stand amid his power. He manages to keep himself going, looking back on his relationship with Mob. Knowing that Mob’s always been a soft person at heart, he’s sure that what Mob really wants is for someone to reach out and stop him at this moment. So he gives everything he has into trying to wake Mob up before finally seeming to tire himself out.

Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 10 ending

It seems Hanazawa’s yelling gets through to Mob somewhat, snapping him out of his trance, at least in his subconscious mind, although he does not have control over his body. As he looks around at all the destruction in front of him, Mob is unsure of what happened but knows he is the cause.

With tears in his eyes, Mob apologizes as he watches his body continue to attack a struggling Hanazawa. He’s happy to see Hanazawa attempting to stop him, even if he has no power to help. With what little strength he has left, Hanazawa manages to save the nearby civilians, reminding Mob they are rivals before passing out.

Two workers casually argue about how to stock the products in a convenience store. They notice Mob outside and sense his psychic energy. Both espers themselves, and they attempt to stop him.

As viewers, we see that, despite all the chaos, Tsubomi is still waiting for Mob to appear at the park. The kids and civilians who evacuated all seem to be getting the same picture of Mob on his rampage, though many only recognize him as Psycho Helmet since the photo is from the back. However, those who know Mob, like Musashi and Reigen, immediately recognize him and begin worrying.

On a plane filled with convicts who also happen to espers sits former Claw leader, Toichiro Suzuki. He and the other men are being told that if they can manage to take down their target, Mob, they may get their sentences reduced. However, with the exception of Toichiro, all the men seem to be taking the assignment lightly. With his own powers, he begins knocking out the other convicts, knowing that Mob is not one to be underestimated. Then Toichiro dives out of the plane alone to find him.

This definitely feels like the fight we’ve been waiting for all season, if not all series. Although Dimple’s battle in the Divine Tree Arc was solid, this battle is really giving Mob a chance to tie up any last connections he has. Considering how far he’s come, especially in expressing his emotions, you cannot help but feel a bit bad for the kid. While seeing him and Tsubomi ride off into the sunset together after a successful confession is what all fans surely want for Mob, things rarely ever work out so easily. It was nice to see the story pick up the pace and shift the focus back to Mob’s powers for a bit. It doesn’t feel like he’s gotten to use them much this season, and with this being the final season, that just doesn’t seem right.

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