10 anime shows like Dragon Age: Absolution you must watch

By Nubia Brice
Published: December 10, 2022 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)
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We discuss 10 anime shows like the popular Dragon Age: Absolution you must watch. Check out these anime recommendations.

Inspired by the popular BioWare videogame franchise, Dragon Age: Absolution is the latest Netflix anime on the market. It comes just after the success of another video game spinoff anime, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, but instead of heading into the future, Dragon Age: Absolution takes viewers on a magical journey filled with everything you could want from a fantasy anime: unique worldbuilding, dangerous creatures, and perilous tasks. The series follows Miriam, a rogue elf with a tragic past, and a makeshift group of mercenaries tasked with stealing a sacred artifact. Of course, the journey never goes quite as expected. If you enjoyed this show, here are 10 more anime you should check out.

10 anime shows like Dragon Age: Absolution you must watch

Black Clover (2017)

Much like Dragon Age: Absolution, Black Clover takes place in a world where elements like magic are commonplace. The story follows Asta, the only known person born without magical abilities. Still, that doesn’t stop him from his goal of becoming the Wizard King, the most powerful knight in the kingdom. There’s plenty of action as well as other mythological elements. With over 120 episodes, there’s more than enough content to ensure you won’t be bored for weeks.

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (2015)

While the title is a mouthful and not totally misleading, this anime is about far more than just picking up girls. It also takes place in a fantasy setting with a unique twist. This series also heavily features greek mythology and lore as well. Fans of the Dragon Age game may also enjoy that this anime follows mechanics similar to a video game when it comes to the main hero and his party leveling up. It’s easy to fall in love with Bell, an adventurer with a ton of heart. Seeing a band of misfits come together is always fun, and Bell’s group is just as entertaining to watch.

Fairy Tail (2009)

This is easily one of the most popular fantasy anime ever and a definitive must-watch for fans of the genre. In a world where wizards take payment in exchange for quests or tasks, Natsu and his guild embark on missions together as he searches for his missing father. There’s a solid balance between comedy and drama in the series that fans appreciate, making it a great show for any age to enjoy. While it doesn’t have as dark a tone, there’s plenty of drama here to keep things interesting.

Demon Slayer (2019)

These days it’s hard to find an anime recommendation list without Demon Slayer on it, but it’s especially fitting for this one. Like Tanjiro, Miriam comes from a rough childhood that molds them into the warrior they become. Of course, that isn’t where the similarities end. Both worlds are riddled with enemies that need to be taken down, and the fast-paced action sequences are more than satisfying. This anime is often praised for its style and visuals, which any anime fan can appreciate.

The Rising of the Shield Hero (2019)

Naofumi Iwatani was just an average teen until he was summoned to another world with three other young males. Unlike the Japan he knows, this world is filled with kings and knights, dragons and monsters, and more. Upon their arrival, each male is assigned one of the four cardinal weapons to defend the country from the hordes of monsters called waves. It’s a little hard to fight monsters when Naofumi’s assigned the shield, a weapon only capable of defense, but it turns out that’s the least of his worries when he’s falsely accused of a crime.

If you’re interested in the darker, edgier parts of Dragon Age: Absolution, this is a good anime to start. Naofumi is set up for failure but still manages to become strong in this new world. It sort of plays like a video game, with how he has to level up and upgrade his party and equipment, which is a pretty neat touch for gaming fans.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014)

The Holy Grail War is a battle to the death, where “masters” magically summon heroes from throughout history to fight on their behalf. There are different classes of warriors to choose from, including saber, archer, berserker, rider, assassin, caster, and lancer. In the Fate series, the heroes they summon can be anyone from Medusa to Dracula to Alexander the Great, depending on their class.

While this series takes place in modern times, the heroes give it a connection back to the past. Magic is also a big part of the series, which ties in the fantasy elements quite a bit. The battles are epic, especially considering there are battles to the death, but the best part of the series is found in the twist during the second half. Not to be confused with the other series by the same name; however, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is a remake of the original Fate/Stay Night, and much better.

Claymore (2007)

In a world where shape-shifting demons called youma terrorize everyone, Claymore are half-youma warriors manufactured to fight the monsters. After his family is murdered, a young boy named Raki decides to follow the Claymore who saved his life as she travels around defeating youma. This anime has got some of the best-choreographed fight scenes you’ll see in anime. Still, one of the best things about Claymore is the strong female leads, and Dragon Age: Absolution seems to take a page from the same book.

Berserk (1997)

Like many of these entries, Berserk is set in a past time when things like magic exist. This highly regarded series follows Guts, a young mercenary who as he becomes one of the strongest commanders in the Band of Hawk. Filled with plenty of monsters and dark twists, this story is anything but a fairytale. This is one of the edgier entries on the list and will appeal to fans of Dragon Age: Absolution’s TV-MA rating.

Inuyasha (2000)

The plot of Inuyasha revolves heavily around one ancient artifact. In feudal Japan, where demons run rampant, Inuyasha and Kagome must gather and reconstruct pieces of the sacred Shikon jewel. Inuyasha is only half-demon, which doesn’t exactly make him popular. If you enjoyed Miriam’s strong attitude, you’ll surely love this series as well.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (2021)

After dying in his everyday life, Rudeus wakes up reincarnated in a fantasy world filled with magic. Despite being a baby, he retains all of his memories from his previous life, and they aid him as he grows in his magical abilities. Like Dragon Age: Absolution, this series is full of adventure. While the internal monologue can sometimes be a bit much, the series is still surprisingly hilarious and worth checking out.

Do you have any other recommendations for anime shows like Dragon Age: Absolution? Let us know!

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