When is Dragon Age: Absolution set?

By Louie Fecou
Published: December 10, 2022 (Last updated: January 16, 2023)
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When is Dragon Age: Absolution set? We discuss the Netflix anime show and its potential timeline. This article contains minor spoilers.

Based on a popular video game franchise, Dragon Age: Absolution is a new six-part anime series that ties into the games while adding some new elements. The animated series is set in The Tevinter Imperium. This article will discuss when Absolution is set and will try to explain where this series actually fits into the narrative, as well as some general notes on the animated adventure.

Is Dragon Age: Absolution on Netflix?

It sure is. There are 6 thirty minute episodes available now, and you will need a subscription to Netflix to watch them.

When is Dragon Age: Absolution set?

Dragon Age: Absolution is set during The Dragon Age, around 9:42 Dragon. This places the series somewhere close to, and probably after, the timeline of the game Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Where does Dragon Age: Absolution fit in the storyline?

The mix of legacy characters, and some new additions, in this series, helps fans place the series into the Dragon Age timeline.

Fairbanks, Cassandra, and Leliana can all be found elsewhere, and it seems these players have all appeared in other pockets of the Dragon Age Universe. It is notable though, that they can all be placed together through the game Dragon Age: Inquisition.

This also helps us with the timeline being set around that game, Dragon 9:41, and the logical assumption is that this animated adventure takes place after that game in Dragon 9:42.

This set of six episodes does seem to require viewers to know a little about the lore, as it does seem to be firmly ensconced in the franchise, but if, like me, you know very little about the franchise, there is still a lot of excitement to be had.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is heavily referenced in the opening episode, and this will appeal to fans that played and loved that game. They will love seeing Tevinter in animated form for the first time, as well as cameos from other characters and callbacks to the games themselves.

The basic premise, a rag-tag group of mercenaries, have to band together to steal an ancient magical relic, is pretty much just a McGuffin to allow the viewer into the lives of the characters and their relationships past and present.

This is not a criticism, as the episodes really whiz by, and the writers are working hard to try and make sure that each player gets some background and depth while keeping the action and pacing high.

The focus is definitely on Miriam, played by Kimberley Brooks, an Elven mercenary who has escaped from her life as a slave in Tevinter. There is a definite arc here that is worth following. It would seem that this series is hoping to further develop the new characters that are included in Absolution, and the good news is that somehow they have managed to present an exciting story, new characters mixed with old, and set up a few strands for the franchise going forward in six short episodes.

The animation is well presented, everything looks good, the voice work is amazing, and there is a lot to enjoy here. The series has a 15 rating.

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