Jack Ryan season 3, episode 7 recap – who is trying to do a coup in Russia?

By Marc Miller
Published: December 21, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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The penultimate episode of the third season has started to plateau, but caring about the characters ultimately pulls you through.

We recap the Prime Video series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 3, episode 7, “Moscow Rules,” which contains spoilers.

You have to love Luka (James Cosmo). He knows what is going to happen and who is going to do it. Talking to Jack (John Krasinski) on his coms, they are trying to get the defense minister, Petrov (Alexej Manvelov), on tape admitting to his actions. However, with Jack only in the range of 200 years, Luka sees a van off in the distance. He then tells Jack, “You know what amuses me, Jack? No matter how much research you do in Russia, you will never know how Moscow works.” A man who is not Petrov shows up and takes Luka into custody, with Jack chasing him in his car a few hundred yards away.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 3, episode 7 recap

When Jack finally catches up with him, Luka is questioned by the defense minister in an abandoned warehouse. (Is there any other kind in these types of situations?). The jig is up, and Petrov now knows he has been played. He hands one of Luka’s former underlings a pistol and tells him to use it. After a few moments, he raises the weapon, but Jack swoops in and shoots him in the head. Luka grabs a machine gun, and they pick off bad guys left and right.

Jack is about to be run over by the armored car carrying the defense minister, but Luka pulls him away at the last second. Now they are even. But Luka had one more trick up his sleeve (or his pack of cigarettes). He had a recording device in the box, which caught Petrov confessing to the crime and coverup. Finally, Jack asks him what his role is in Matoksa. Luka remains completely honest and says he gave the order to kill them, and he has much to make up for.

Elizabeth is now briefing the president of the United States on the issue of an independent faction trying to draw Russia and the United States into a war. How? Led by Petr, the father of the Czech Republic’s president, he tried to set off a nuclear blast with planted evidence that it would look like an American-made bomb.

Meanwhile, Greer wants to track down former special forces who wore those yellow berets and took out the Matoksa scientists. He contacts a former agent from the other side, Vova, and pays him to find anyone he can talk to about the subject. The goal is for Greer to see a former associate of Petr Kovac. Later, when Greer meets him in another abandoned building, Vova attempts to assassinate him. Greer impressively fights him off and tosses him down several flights of stairs. Vova confesses he asked too many questions and was told he had to do the deed. Greer shows him mercy and doesn’t put a bullet in his head.

Ending Explained

Elizabeth reports to the president of the United States that Petr Kovac and Alexi Petrov are in command of a fully armed destroyer in the Baltic sea. Greer and November arrange a meeting with President Kovac and Popov’s widow. She has a close relationship with the Russian president. They are asking for them to arrange a meeting between Kovac and Surikov.

Sokol, per Jack, was never about a nuke or starting a war. It was always about power. He has found a written note proving an attempt to overthrow the Russian president. Who is trying to perform a coup in Russia? They raided Captain Antonov’s office, who was part of Luka’s death squad (there is a picture of him in his yellow beret as a young man in the office, and they show a clip of him from the pilot). There are high-ranking members inside the Kremlin, and Russian president, Surikov’s cabinet, is trying a coup d’état by defense minster Petrov. What is the name of the Russian coup?


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