Jack Ryan season 3 ending explained – what is Jack awarded for his heroism?

By Marc Miller
Published: December 21, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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Season 3 ends on a solid but fairly standard and unspectacular note.

We recap the Prime Video series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 3, episode 8, “The Stars on the Wall,” which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

The season finale has all our favorite characters going in different directions to stop a third world war. Greer (Wendell Pierce), November (Michael Kelly), and president Kovac (Nina Hoss) are now headed to the Kremlin Tunnels in Moscow. Elizabeth (Betty Gabriel) is in the situation room with the President, trying to convince him to let her back into the conversation. And Jack (John Krasinski) is trying to land on a heavily armed United States Navy ship in the Baltic Sea. At the same time, Luka (James Cosmo) is headed to the destroyer, where his former soldier is commanding.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 3, episode 8 recap

Jack gets a ride from from some Army Rangers on a helicopter trying to get on board the Naval Warship. The United States Commander of the vessel will not let Jack onboard. So, the Ranger asks Jack how important it is that he gets on that ship. Jack’s response? “Life or death,” he says. So, the Ranger tosses him into the sea. Now, the ship’s Commander, Bennett, is required by law to pick him up. When Jack gets aboard and puts some dry clothes on, the officer doesn’t want to hear about any conflict, nor does he want Jack to tell him not to pick a fight with Russia. Jack’s response? The Commander’s argument has nothing to do with Russia at all.

That’s when a petty officer tells them that a Russian ship is headed their way. The officer wants to know why that concerns him, so Jack tells him. The unauthorized coup happening in Russia intentionally escalated tensions in the Baltic. Before more information comes out of her mouth, Jack tells him it’s a lone ship called the “Fearless,” and the coup is counting on the ship’s Commander to follow his standard rules of engagement. Jack also lets him know that the coup has a psychological write-up on him and knows he can easily anticipate his every move.

Meanwhile, Luka is on that Russian ship being commanded by his old soldier, Antonov. He is armed with a pistol, and when he enters his target’s quarters, he is also sitting there with an armed guard. Luka is then taken into custody. Petrov arranges a sitdown with the cabinet to vote Surikov out of office. Greer enters the Kremlin illegally, memorises a number on a sheet of paper before burning it, and then intentionally puts the wrong passcode into a security door, signalling for the Kremlin officers to arrest him. Finally, November and Kovac are taken through a back entrance to meet the Russian President.

This is all a coordinated effort to stop the coup known as “Crossbow,” and the final piece is Jack Ryan. The man guarding Luka is the executive officer, the only person on the ship who has the power to question and overrule Antonov. He comments don’t you find that strange? Greer is taken to holding at the Kremlin, and Petrov walks in. Greer tells him he knows about the coup and is here to offer him asylum with an apartment in New York City or Miami to stop the madness. At the same time, Kovac and November are in the Russian President’s office playing the recording of Petrov talking about the plan to overthrow him and bring Russia back to its former glory.

This triggers a chain reaction. A Kremlin agent comes in and tells Petrov the President would like to see him. He now looks worried, walks out, and after going up a small flight of stairs, he sees Surikov’s protective team from both sides. He grabs a gun, but before he can fire, he is shot dead. Luka is let out of his cell, and the executive officer accompanies him to the bay where Antonov is starting to fire upon the United States warship. Antonov cannot explain to anyone why he would be starting this action without command center directives. Antonov overrules his second in command and fires on the ship. Bennett fires countermeasures to pick off the armed missile.

This leaves the United States no time to defend itself, so they must shoot now, and the President has permitted them to attack if fired upon. Ryan pleads with Bennett not to take the bait but refuses to listen and has his orders. Finally, Antonov is taken into custody, the second in command takes over the ship, and Luka can communicate with the Warship that Antonov has been arrested. Ryan makes sure to ask Luka pointedly, is Russia at war with the United States? Luka responds that is up to you. Bennett takes a moment and decides not to fire upon the ship known as Fearless.

Jack Ryan season 3 ending explained

The season ends with Elizabeth being given the job of the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. She awards Greer and Jack a medal for their bravery. What is Jack awarded for his heroism? The bronze “Intelligence Star” for “voluntary acts of courage performed under hazardous conditions or for outstanding achievements or services rendered with distinction under conditions of grave risk.” Jack and Greer walk by the stars on the wall and out of Langley’s front door.

Finally, Luka returns home, makes some tea, and writes Jack a letter. Then he has a sense someone is at his door. He opens it, and a Kremlin agent, who looks frightened, is standing at his door. Luka calms him by reassuring him he won’t give him any trouble. In the letter, Luka tells Jack, “He may not have lived his life with honor, but perhaps he has done enough to die with it.” The last time we see Luka, he is being escorted into the Kremlin.

Damn, you have to love Luka.

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