The Interest of Love season 1, episode 1 recap – Is Su-yeong really dating Jeong Jong-hyun?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 22, 2022
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The premiere of this Korean Drama is a typical romance story, but hopefully, there are twists and good drama to come.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Interest of Love season 1, episode 1, which contains spoilers.

Another month, another Korean Drama, and this one marks the end of 2022. The opening episode of the aptly named The Interest of Love follows bank workers Ahn Su-yeong (Moon Ga-young) and Ha Sang-su (Yoo Yeon-seok) as an apparent romance starts to bubble. Will this be your typical romantic drama, or will there be some fire in the plot? Let’s recap the premiere.

The Interest of Love season 1, episode 1 recap

Episode 1 of The Interest of Love opens with the everyday workings of a bank. One colleague looks longingly at another colleague. The romantic side of the story begins, and we learn more about these characters as the premiere moves forward. The narrator explains how some of their clients receive more love than others, and there’s definitely discrimination based on social status — everything is based on wealth. An excellent societal point to kick off the Korean Drama.

Ahn Su-yeong has decided to do lunch alone without her colleagues. She sits in silence at a park and takes in her surroundings. Meanwhile, Ha Sang-su is asked if he finds Su-yeong attractive by another colleague; they saw him look at her longingly. He’s told he’s had plenty of time to start a romance with her.

When Sang-su returns to work, he sees Su-yeong getting berated by an irritated but important bank customer (he has the wrong bank card), which catches Sang-su’s attention. He comes to her aid when he sees the customer getting increasingly angry. By defending her, he gets into trouble with his manager. Su-yeong takes the blame for the mistake.

To save face for the bank, Su-yeong and Sang-su are told to go to Jeju island and keep their client happy. On the plane, Sang-su reminisces about the days he joined the bank when he was a rookie. Scenes show him first laying eyes on Su-yeong; he thinks she’s a “Goddess.” Flashbacks show him struggling with his training, so she helps him out.

On the island, Sang-su enquires about Su-yeong’s hobby of taking photos. She tells him she doesn’t have a boyfriend and likes to take pretty photos, which felt irrelevant to the conversation. And then, Su-yeong becomes consumed by a bird’s nest nearby. She sees that an egg needs to be placed back in the nest. Sang-su offers to climb the tree but fails, so Su-yeong climbs up. Sang-su offers his knee to help her up. A romance is blossoming, but they have to get a flight back quickly.

Before they leave, Su-yeong asks Sang-su to take a photo of her so she can remember the day. Later, she sends him the same photo, which leads them to message each other.

Of course, Sang-su wants more after their time at Jeju island, so he invites Su-yeong to the cinema to watch a film. Sang-su cuts a nervous figure as they eat popcorn while watching a movie. They then head out for dinner together to end a lovely evening.

On the way home, Su-yeong tells Sang-su that he’s different outside work. The pair then talk about art, and Su-yeong explains she could not go to art school because her parents couldn’t afford it. Sang-su offers her a compliment, stating she’s the best clerk at the bank. They eventually reach Su-yeong’s home, and Sang-su asks if they can see each other again. Su-yeong explains she doesn’t like “undefined relationships.” They agree on the specifics of their next date, and Sang-su promises to commit to the day and time.

The next day, with men at the bank enquiring about Su-yeong and showing an interest in her love life, Sang-su narrates how Su-yeong has every man liking her, but none of them meet her emotional needs, so she deems them useless.

Ending Explained

As episode 1 reaches the final moments, a chink in the romance forms early. Su-yeong waits at the restaurant, but Sang-su has to stay behind at work until the balance books are correct. His manager has put pressure on him to correct things before he leaves, meaning he’s left Su-yeong at the restaurant. He finally finishes balancing the cash, and he rushes to the restaurant. He breaks his phone as he leaves, so he cannot even contact her.

When Sang-su gets to the restaurant, Su-yeong is not at the table, and he is devastated. The next day, he struggles to communicate with her about what happened, making work an awkward place. He drinks in the evening and sends her impatient text messages before heading to sleep. The next morning, he feels instant regret at the many text messages he sent her.

During a staff event, their superior, Mr. Lee, asks Jeong Jong-hyun if he is interested in Su-yeong. She’s pressed on whether they are dating. Sang-Su has to sit there and listen, impacted by their superior inappropriately pressing a conversation on Su-yeong’s romantic life. He has to restrain himself and admits to another colleague that he likes Su-yeong afterward. He wishes he had said something.

On the way home, Sang-su asks Su-yeong if she’s “fine” after the meal. She’s confused as to why he’s asking her a question about the meal, knowing it was embarrassing for her. She tells him that he acted like everyone else at the table and kept quiet. Sang-su is flabbergasted by how she’s responding to him, but she continues to act disinterested. Sang-su tells Su-yeong that he likes her as she walks away. He says it with sincerity. He apologizes for not keeping to the promise when they arranged a date.

Su-yeong turns around and tells him that she’s dating Jeong Jong-hyun — a smile appears on her face, making this scene extra cruel. Sang-su narrates that she’s a “bitch,” and episode 1 ends. Is Su-yeong really dating Jeong Jong-hyun? It feels unlikely at this stage. It’s possible that she’s trying to hurt Sang-su. It feels like a defense mechanism for her true feelings.

The premiere of this Korean Drama is a typical romance story, but hopefully, there are twists and good drama to come.

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